[#5] To Let Her Go

in a Random Tiny Tale titled Fellowship

Image Courtesy: Wallpaper Folder

The story begins with The Cottage:

The translucent figure of his father told Jim the truth of his whereabouts. He was in captivity. Magical captivity. Dark magic. Performed by Jim’s mother.

The one-eyed man turned around on the spot and began walking away, his black overcoat fluttering. Jim was shown something that he deeply desired — his beloved father — but he wanted more of it. He called out from behind, “Cannot I have him back forever?”

The figure in overcoat stopped and turned around. “You can. There’s a price for it though.”

Jim asked, “What’s the price?”

One-eyed man smiled cunningly and said, “Your mother. Have courage to let her go when I call her.” He turned into dark smoke in an instant and got dissolved in the air.

His mother would be called, which happened some days later. He had to have courage to let her go, which he showed. Now, he waited for his father to return.

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