[#2] A Strange Encounter

in a Random Tiny Tale titled End Of His World

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The story begins with The Result:

They say that failure makes you strong, that failure is an opportunity..

What Bullshit.

That along with thousand other thoughts flooded Shiv’s mind.

He checked the name on the marksheet again.

“Shiv Tomar”- it proudly said.

“ Son of a Chemistry professor and an over-sensitive mother”- It didn’t.

The room was suddenly too small for Shiv to breath.

“ I need some air.” Shiv announced to his oblivious roommate.

“ What, you are leaving? How was your result? Remember, no matter what, it’s not the end of the world!”

“ Ya, ya “ Shiv muttered back as he quickly grabbed his jacket and left. He didn’t want to be the reason of his roommate’s broken teeth.

Walking in the dark pavements of the infamous GB road of Delhi after eleven, in chilly winters contained its own charm for a failure like Shiv. He felt, it resonated well with the numbness of his soul.

He soon found himself sitting on a lone bench at a park though and across him sat a woman- a woman known more for her nights than her days.

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The story continues:

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