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Hello fellow story lovers/tellers,

Applications to bring in new pairs of writers on Random Tales are open. This short guide will help you understand how Random Tales work and how you can become a writer yourself.

How Random Tales Work?

Random Tales was founded on one core value — no writer will write a story completely by himself/herself. There has to be partner writer involved. The pair will have to follow the following:

  1. The pair cannot involve another writer in their story.
  2. Every writer writes a tale on alternate days. You are excused on the weekends though. On weekends, we (re)promote/(re)share the tales written in the preceding week. It also allows readers to catch up with the stories if they couldn’t follow the series during the week.
  3. Each tale in the story must be between 400–1000 words long.
  4. Each tale must be complete in itself. Of course, it can have unrevealed mysteries, unanswered questions, but must be a complete scene in itself.
  5. Both writers have full creative freedom to take the previous tale in any direction. Thus, justifying the Random in Random Tales.
  6. A story must have at least 20 tales (no upper limit). Do not begin unless you intend to write at least 20.
  7. Keep the story interesting.

How To Pitch

A story is all about an plot, which can be traversed to any extent by the writer. We’ll need you to pitch your idea to us. Not the summary of the story, but the plot around which your story will revolve.

Example of a good pitch:
“A school boy reaches back home. He knocks on the door. No one opens. He jumps over the door. Finds his mother, his single parent, dead in the kitchen. The story explores the life of a recently orphaned kid.”

Example of a bad pitch:
“A school boy reaches back home and finds his mother murdered in the kitchen. The boy then finds the murderer and goes on to take his revenge. The story is about how he traces the murderer and kills him.”

A good pitch, in our case, describes the situation and then lets the mind explore it deeper. An idea that has already got an ending thought about rarely has anything random left in it.

How To Apply

To be invited as a writer on Random Tales, please submit the following on editorsofrandomtales[at]gmail[dot]com.

  1. Pitch for your story (in 150 words or less).
  2. Links to the Medium and Twitter profiles of both the writers.
  3. Number of tales you both plan to write in the story.
  4. Answer to “How did you two meet?”.

We’ll get back to the most promising pairs of writers with an invitation to write on Random Tales.

This is all part of a story. Let’s create an epic.
Random Tales Editors

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