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How We Got to Today’s Second Amendment. Part 7.

America’s Gun War

Photo by Alyssa Yung on Unsplash

It’s bad enough that we have to figure out what the Founding Fathers were thinking two hundred years ago, we have to do it while partisans are shoveling questionable information everywhere. Even they don’t know what the truth is, they just cherry-pick what they want to believe. Here’s what we’re dealing with.




We all have those random thoughts that come to us in the shower or in dreams. We may not be experts on the topic but it intrigues us into thinking about it further. Random Terrabytes if is for those random thoughts that you spend a lot more time researching and thinking about.

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Charlie Kufs

Charlie Kufs

I’ve analyzed data for over 40 years, written a book and over 350 blogs, been a trainer/public speaker, and was a PG and SSGB. Now retired, I worship cats.

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