App request: Design Fails (could someone build this please?)



  • Web development has made me completely obsessive about poor UX across the Internet (as I suspect it has for you as well).
  • filing bug reports for shitty design is silly, as is writing a private [unacknowledged?, unrewarded?] feedback email
  • bug bounties exist for security flaws, why not minor (petty?) frustrations

Here’s what I’d like you [yes YOU, the reader] to do about it:

Create a website & community that serves as a public place to highlight and vent about design flaws people find. I think it would be quite cathartic.

— -

— -

Example (Tumblr app):

Title: How the F[*]ck do I exit “Tags” without canceling my post?

Steps to replication (see above… And why can’t you in-line photo upload in facebook messenger??? Haha)”


  • It would also help PMs/Designers elicit feedback
  • It’s death by a thousand paper it’s over here!
  • Note: not intended to criticize designers, just to make a better internet!
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