The only thing that’s missing is an Apple Car going through that city.

2 implications for Apple Car from WWDC18

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 112

This year’s WWDC is a wrap, and here’s two things that can have an impact on entertainment and apps in a future Apple Car.

1. AR

Specifically: ARkit 2. This update allows for a number of things, especially having multiple user views of the same virtual object.

This may bring a genre of entertainment to travel that is unknown today: Sharing the fun of the ride on a playing field that is the inside of the car. Many childhood memories are based on the boredom of travel and the intimacy of a car – the way you spend your time travelling will be much more important once cars drive themselves.

And isn’t ARkit’s new Measure app just a way to feed Apple’s machine learning system for finetuning short-range distance measurement?

2. Dolby Atmos

In what was part of the short segment of this WWDC on tvOS, management introduced Dolby Atmos for Apple TV.

This is a technology that allows to have more immersive audio experience for entertainment apps.

As Apple says on its website:

…you’re fully immersed in three-dimensional audio that sends sound around and above you with pinpoint precision.

Now, isn’t that what HomePod was said to deliver?

With spatial awareness, it automatically analyzes the acoustics, adjusts the sound based on the speaker’s location, and separates the music into direct and ambient sound. Direct sound, including the main vocals and instruments, is beamed to the middle of the room, while ambient sound is diffused into left and right channels and bounced off the wall. So the entire space is filled with rich, well-defined tones.
Equipped with spatial awareness, HomePod automatically tunes itself to give you optimal sound – wherever it’s placed. Pair it with a second HomePod to create an unmatched stereo experience. And bring multiroom audio to your whole home with AirPlay 2.

What happens if we combine HomePods with AirPlay 2 and make it a Dolby Atmos system?

This is what happens:

I think AR and entertainment apps will be huge for Apple Car, and this year’s WWDC paved the way even more.