Ali Cam‘s 2076 Apple Car – the good, bad, and ugly

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 114

Ali Cam is a Turkish industrial designer currently working in Sweden. His Behance profile is full of concept cars for different car brands:

And he also did a concept of what he envisions Apple Car to be.

His concept is set in the year 2076, hundred years after the company was founded. It’s much later than most industry observers expect a move by Apple.

But let’s look at what he designed first, then discuss what is thoughtful or questionable.

Exterior design

First, I like how Ali used the same introductory phrase as I did in my dreamy pieces on the Apple Car world premiere.

This is Apple Car.

It is certainly branded, with no less than six Apple logos on the exterior. That may be in reference to the original six color logo, but it is much more likely a legacy design we know from today’s cars – with logos on the hood or grill, back door or trunk, and all four wheels.

Ali describes the design as minimal and simple, however it is a rather complex multigonal structure. He later describes his thinking a the evolution of the Apple design language, proably stemming from products like the Magic Mouse.

Interesting ideas

What Ali Cam did with the luggage compartment is intruiging. He doesn’t provide further details on his thought process, but I expect Apple Car’s trunk a) not to be called or designed like a regular trunk, and b) to be one of the key interfaces for a commercial platform, much like iPhone and the App Store.

My excitement stopped, however, when I saw the interior. It becomes clear that the outer shape of the car actually prevents the interior experience to take full advantage of a self driving car.

The height of the car is much too low, the interior only makes sense for sitting down – a thing of the past, when you don’t have to drive yourself all the time.

The shapes, surfaces and materials are plain ugly and don’t make for an everyday look.

What makes sense from a conceptual point of view, is augmented reality displays and holograms. It’s the way they’re used, though, and here’s where Ali Cam falls short with his concept. People spend most of their free time on their phones, I don’t see that changing a lot when they’re going in an Apple Car. What experience is better on a big screen? Apple itself has a hart time figuring out a growing use case for its TV business.

All in all, this concept does a nice job of showcasing details of what Apple Car could feature in its design. For instance, I dig the way Ali designed the front and rear lights – nothing more than a thin line. I drew the same in my scribbles and expect the distinctiveness of headlights and backlights in today’s car design to evaporate in the future.

The branding question remains unsolved. But let’s just look at the little branding Apple products have, besides a unique design. What that will be for Apple Car, is up to our imagination.