Apple Car is a mobile entertainment device

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 131

Here are today’s typical mobile entertainment scenarios:

  • AirPods with Spotify on the bike.
  • iPad with Netflix on the train.
  • iPhone with podcast on walks.

They all involve a mobile device, an entertainment service, and some sort of transportation mode.

When Jeff Williams said the car was the ultimate mobile device, what did that imply for entertainment – an area where Apple started investing heavily in since 2018?

Apple Car + Apple Arcade + Apple TV+

It’s no coincidence Apple invests in entertainment for its millions of customers.

History tells us, that in times where no big products are being announced, Apple would ramp up services for upcoming devices. A strategy that makes sense in hindsight, but is it hard to predict?

iPod + iTunes

Hardly anyone remembers pre-iPod life, but iTunes was actually introduced before the iPod.

iPod Video + Apple TV

In 2005, Apple pioneered video on its thriving iPod platform, so users and their content be ready for Apple TV which arrived 1,5 years later.

iPhone + Contacts

Same happened with contact information that was synched via iTunes to iPods for years, which didn’t really make sense – until iPhone arrived in 2007 and all the data went full circle from day one.

The question now is: What kind of entertainment would you want in a selfdriving car?

  • Movies
  • Games
  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • News

All of that was revamped in March 2018, with huge investments in original content or unique deals that you’ll only find at Apple.

Right now, it makes sense to use those on all your existing devices.

But what are these services really made for? What mobile entertainment device do they foreshadow?

Apple Car (or any autonomous vehicle) would make more time in your day that you previously spent on driving yourself. You‘d want to fill them with three things:

  1. Work, like in the mobile officd
  2. Workout, connected to all other Apple investments in health and fitness
  3. Hangout, with friends and family to entertain each other.

Use case three was just previewed at Apple’s March event.

Let’s see how the others will be introduced.