Car is real.

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 19

We have the buildings, but where’s the car? (

Rumor has it: Project Titan is real, and it is nothing less but gigantic.

After seeing all of these buildings in list form one after the other, it really does hit you. Apple is up to something very big. – Neil Cybart
The land Apple bought across San Jose is in total bigger than its massive new campus.

Google and Tesla are testing on public roads – not Apple

On the space available in their San Jose properties, …

“…Apple could even have a pretty expansive service yard where cars can be tested outdoors.” — Neil Cybart

This truly is the Apple approach to testing cars. Whereas other car companies — as well as Google—test their cars in real life situations on real roads, and traditional car makers cover them with unaesthetic prototype camouflage stickers; Apple would build a whole network of roads inside its owned and protected properties. Shed from the public eye.

Build the building process

Again, Neil:

[…] all of these buildings would fit the mode of Apple first creating the framework (machinery, processes, parts) that would eventually be used in an Apple Car factory.
For example, if Apple needs a new part for the iPhone, they need to first build the machine that can make that part. That machine is eventually put in an iPhone parts supplier factory.
It would seem that Apple is setting up the real estate to make the machines and parts required to build an Apple Car.

Makes sense. Instead of manufacturing the cars in the US (something they only do with the Mac Pro), Apple would build the machines to make the machines in the US, but build the actual car somewhere else. Especially if they sell large quantities.

With this approach, they can have a few prototypes ready without every leaving their buildings — therefor keeping security much tighter and avoiding leaks.

Post-Keynote test drive on Apple Campus

However, when it comes to showing the car for the first time, Apple will certainly invest in a special “hands-on” area like they do with any product launch.

Here’s what they did for Apple Watch:

Imagine what they would do for the car.

We know that most probably, Apple Car could be the first product to be launched in the new Apple Campus in 2018.

I expect Apple Car test drives around Apple Campus right after the keynote.

Here’s what that would look like — you would drive by these beautiful scenery:

They have built this not only for Apple, but also Apple Car.