Apple’s ecosystem will live on planet Car

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 57

In their earnings call for the first quarter of 2017, Tim Cook described the expansion of their ecosystem:

„Our ecosystem is broadening to more and more of the areas where people spend their time, at the gym, on the go, in the home, and on the job.“

Neil Cybart commented on that in his member email discussion:

The most important word in that sentence is „time.“ Apple’s quest to remain relevant will require coming up products that help people improve their lives. One way to accomplish this is to go after our time and the activities that make up our day. This is why wearables are key (they are literally with us all day, every day). In addition, transportation stands out as most of us have to rely on some form of transportation on a daily basis to move around the world.

This is the motivation behind Apple Car that I have articulated again and again.

It can be framed into three thoughts, really:

  1. Self-driving cars will turn passive into active time.
  2. This will create more activity in Apple’s ecosystem.
  3. People will not just use Apple Car, but by doing that they will use all other Apple products and services more as well.

Apple’s services business is already larger than Facebook, and it will continue to grow.

Apple Car will ignite more use of Apple Music, Apple Pay, original video, and of course apps – the main driver of services growth.

1+ million CarPlay users

Apple disclosed there are more than 1 million people using CarPlay.

In what seemed like an afterthought, Tim Cook reminded everyone that Apple has been gaining usage experience of car owners for years. They collaborate with every major car maker. They collect data through their partnership with Didi Chuxing in China. Oh, and Uber was born in iOS.

Apple is ready for Apple Car.

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