Cars will be cars.

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 86

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AVs, SDCs, EVs, BEV, …

We’re in a funny stage of the shiny new tech behind self driving cars: Nobody knows what it will be called in the end. Remember ISDN, EDGE, GSM and the like? Those were the scary beginnings of personal online computing. Today we just call it ‘my phone’.

The same happens to cars. Legacy manufacturers add all kinds of pre- and postfixes: e-, -e, -ev, i, and so on. They create new marketing names like Ioniq, EQ, Twizy, or ZOE. And they love add-ons to existing carline names: „Electric Drive“ (for smart people), „EV“ (works with any lame name), or „Z.E.“ (supposedly for zero emission, or some kind of French abbreviation because they make a point of reordering any well-known acronym).

The next wave will be, as you can imagine, a special name breed for self driving cars or autonomous vehicles. Already, today’s concept cars are called SEDRIC (for SElf DRIving Car), for instance. But get ready for the combo of electrified and autonomous naming: e-AV, EVAV, SDeC, etc. Maybe we should make AI do the creative work here!

Anyway, what will happen is that first electric cars will be the norm, and then autonomous cars. People will reflect and say „gas cars“ and „cars you had to drive yourself“. Just ask teens in a few years, they will tell you what the old stuff will be called.

That’s why Apple Car will be called Apple Car.

No fuss, no silly marketing names. Just what it is. Because it defines the category anyway. See iPhone, or Apple Watch. Category defining products that are just called what they are. Phones and watches and cars.

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