Didi data for Apple Car

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 31

So this happened:

It’s the strongest sign yet that Apple is doing a car, and it suggests heavily that Apple Car actually is for China.

As I wrote on April 6, the company’s focus on the region „implies that the next product category Apple enters will be made for China, first and foremost.“

So why is Didi important?

  • It generates more data on transportation than any of its competitors. This will give Apple an edge when it introduces its autonomous vehicle.
  • Didi also happens to be a Chinese company, backed by the Chinese government. This is important for Apple’s lobbying in the country and will help them move more cars once they are built – both in Didi’s fleets and in the resulting consumer demand for ownership of Apple Car.

What do others think?

Neil Cybart points out in his subscriber email that Didi actually forms a battle line of competition against Uber; Ben Thompson thinks it is an important political move in the region.

I think both is true, and judging from Apple’s unusually outgoing PR about this investment, we can be sure it has more than one meaning.

Tim Cook for sure doesn’t want to bend down to his car any longer.

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