For what product will Apple make their own GPU?

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 67

In his April 12 Stratechery member update, Ben Thompson dissects rumors that Apple may be building their own GPU in future A-series SoCs.

From the update (highly recommended; edit & emphasis mine):

It turns out there are lots of tasks that are simple and can be done in parallel:
Audio, image, and video processing, data mining, all kinds of scientific computing, digital signal processing, computer vision, machine learning, and more.
It’s why NVidia […] sell to not just PC manufacturers and gaming enthusiasts but data center operators and car makers.
I am quite sure Apple will trade treading water in graphics […] for the chance to make the phone massively better at all kinds of other things.
Or watches. Or AirPods. Or glasses.

These last few words got me hooked.

Of course, this move by Apple is not about their current product line, but about the future.

A car needs different chip capabilities than a phone or laptop

That is, many of them are much more graphics driven: Computer vision, machine learning, navigation in/output, augmented reality, video processing, distance measurement, and so on.

Although minimal in size compared to the car’s overall dimensions, Apple Car will boast a chip designed just for it – and this week’s news may be the first hint about it.

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