GM’s selfdriving concept isn’t bold enough

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 96

At CES 2018, GM showed an evolution of its Chevy Bolt and how it will evolve into an autonomous vehicle. The new concept doesn’t have a steering wheel.

It brings me back to my first thoughts on the future car:

However, the Bolt concept hardly goes beyond the (missing) steering wheel. All other implications of selfdriving design are ignored — the interior looks just as any other Bolt, or any other car, that is.

Look at the introductory video:

GM moves ahead with its initiave, integrates its Cruise acquisition step by step, but the question is are they moving too slowly?

They are adding cosmetic features to the exterior, and try cautiously to evolve the interior, but they are taking no bold steps to redesign the car experience both in and out–which will be crucial to succeed in an autonomous world.

Today, GM still makes tons of money with traditional cars. The required pace of innovation (and shipping) in selfdriving cars may force them to start making money with Cruise, or stop making money at all.