Kia West Point

Hyundai, Kia, Canoo – what does it all mean for Apple?

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 153

A half an hour ride from where Tim Cook graduated, in Auburn, Alabama, Kia operates its Georgia based manufacturing plant which is rumoured to be partnering with Apple in creating Apple Car.

A volume auto brand of Hyundai, Kia is said to be among the most reliable car brands out there. And…




Conceptualizations on the future car, a.o. read by Apple/VW/GM/Continental executives, Apple/Google/Dropbox/Microsoft/Nokia designers, WSJ/CNBC and AI analysts, Lyft/Snap investors, Medium staff writers, academics from HBS/WMG/CIID, and many mobility VCs/CEOs/founders.

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Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt

Director Consulting at Virtual Identity. I spent a decade on automotive brands in digital, and blog about #strategy, the #ClimateCrisis, and #AppleCar.

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