IAA shows carmakers still afraid to go any further than Renault’s Symbioz

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 88

Renault wanted the headline for the most ambitious and futuristic concept car – and it probably won, with its overly complex ultra-hybrid of all historic, current and future automotive design thinking blended into one, fittingly called Symbioz.

Not only is it supposed to be a car that handles all necessary transitions in the industry – design, engineering, driving and ownership, financial, emotional, ego, etc – it at the same time also wants to be a revolution in blending the car with the home.

But let’s for a moment forget the hyper pitch of Symbioz and focus on the experience of the actual car.

Car in living room. Who wants that?

The idea was to have something like a mobile room that blends with your actual home (that is: the car drives into the home, and features a similar colour palette).

So far, so good – we should judge the car by its „room“ capabilities, then. Right?

I’m going to pick just one very basic aspect of a room:

The Size

A four-seater designed for a maximum of two people.
Comfortable and only possible position. Now close the door!

You can not sit opposite of each other without rubbing each other’s legs.

Why is that?

Legacy outside, with some modern ingredients inside.

The interior reserved for people is actually just about half of the whole car’s footprint!

What is the rest of the car doing?

The car’s height is maybe 3/4 the height of a regular person. Seen any room this small? #claustrophobic

Oh right, it looks pretty to the outside. But is that what a room is supposed to do? The picture shows how little height the car has. Would you qualify a room you can only sit in (and not stand) a sufficient room?

Here’s the conclusion:

IAA 2017 shows again how afraid carmakers are to make the jump to an actual future design, and how much legacy they carry with them.

This approach will never produce any revolutionary results.

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