iPad Pro retrains FaceID for multiple orientations

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 125

When I wrote that the transition from TouchID to FaceID was actually started thinking ahead for Apple Car, it was just a crazy idea.

But at Apple’s Brooklyn event on October 30, when they introduced the new iPad Pro with FaceID, two things came apparent:

  1. Not only did Apple turn all their major iDevice product lines into FaceID-equipped machines within 12 months, now being featured on four iPhone and two iPad models – a milestone that took much longer with TouchID, 2 years to be precise.
  2. They also began adding to FaceID’s smarts with retraining the neural network behind the technology in order to enable authentication in both vertical and horizontal orientation of the device – a move that is just the first step in applying FaceID to much more use cases than just unlocking (or keeping unlocked) when looking at the device.

FaceID will learn to unlock Apple Car when you approach

Apple wrote the marketing language on the new iPad Pro websites in a way that you can easily replace iPad with Apple Car and tablet with vehicle.

What it does will be much more in Apple Car than what we see today in iPhone and iPad. What will remain is that it’s the one passcode you can’t forget.

And with the launch of multiple faces in iOS 12, they paved the way for family unlocking of Apple Car.

Very much looking forward to this!

Update 11/4: Jony Ive, in his own words talking to the Independent:

Face ID, for instance, is such a remarkably complex and sophisticated set of technologies, it’s not just one that was developed to a singular goal.