»The Mother of all AI projects«

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 106

When in June 2013 Tim Cook revealed that Apple was indeed working on autonomous systems, he famously declared that selfdriving cars were „the mother of all artificial intelligence projects“.

This week, Cook followed through with one of the biggest hiring news in the last years.

He poached John Giannandrea, formerly Google’s chief of search and artificial intelligence, to report directly to him.

Will he become the Father to Apple’s AI projects?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that selfdriving cars are going to rely heavily on AI and be the first real robots we trust our lives with. Also, it’s clear that design driven Apple can only get so far in the regard of leveraging artificial intelligence beyond what Siri can do today.

Siri was an acquisition, so it came from outside Apple. That was in 2011. Seven years later it’s time for another outsider to help Apple up its game in AI. Siri won’t be lost, it will be a significant user interface for Apple Car:

But that’s probably not what Giannandrea will start working on. Rather, his focus may be the ultimate mother of all AI projects – to get Project Titan moving.