The Notch inspired by the car?

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 102

There has not been a bigger discussion around iPhone design after the removal of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 than about the latest X-factor: The Notch.

FaceID made possible what no one has thought could happen: An ugly iPhone.

After some time, it turned out, the notch wasn’t a problem at all.

Today, it occurred to me, that we have seen a notch before. And, too, was it designed because of cameras and sensors.

Cars have had notches for years.

This is what a windshield looks like today.

Full edge to edge glass, and a notch to host all the camera and sensor tech.

Sounds familiar?

Was the car the inspiration for the notch?

As I wrote before, FaceID was really made for Apple Car. It makes authentification from the distance possible – an important user experience feature when approaching a selfdriving car.

But is there more to that? Did Apple ID actually get the idea for the notch from the tinkering with the car?

We’ll never know.

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