VW wants to copy Apple Car before it’s here

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 107

Klaus Bischoff, the brand design chief at Volkswagen, openly said he wants to „adopt an Apple-like design template to turn around Volkswagen’s profits in the rapidly growing EV market.“

Adopting the design language of a highly profitable company to raise one’s own profits? Sounds like a great plan.

The new “significant, purist, and clear” design template marks a departure from the German company’s vehicle design before the massive “dieselgate” scandal in 2015. Volkswagen’s past design conveyed its engineering prowess, says Reuters.
Klaus Bischoff added that the company was in the process of “redefining” its values “for the age of electrification.” He has been with the automaker for more than two decades, and has been serving as the core brand’s design chief for the past decade. Talking to Reuters, Bischoff said things were “very centralized” in the past. But now his team is doing “things that didn’t use to exist that way.”

Could be interesting.

So let’s look at what they have done so far:

I.D. Buzz

The relaunch of the classic Bug. A good thought from the outside, even liked by one of Apple’s own industrial designers:

It’s part of VW’s new platform for electric vehicles.

But the inside is really what still makes it a wrong concept for the future:

A steering wheel? An iPad? Come on.


Well, I wrote about this before:

You don’t go out wanting to copy Apple and then come up with this.

Last quote from the top article:

It would be interesting to see Volkswagen’s take on the design of Apple products.


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