Why everybody is looking for inspiration in trucks

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 91

Tesla unveiled their Semi truck to big excitement. It’s the culmination of electric power and an aggressive anti-concept to the status quo in commercial road transport of today.

I’m more interested in the interior design though. It tries to make sense of all the space available with the usual dashboard and engine constraints.

The Tesla semi interior.

A truck’s interior comes pretty close to the space that will be available in properly designed autonomous cars (not today’s hybrid designs). Look at the back of the cockpits of some of today’s most luxurious liners.

They are custom made, with kitchen appliances, fold-out beds, and comfortable lounge layouts. They are made for people who are used to spending a lot of time behind the steering wheel and take some time out — even if it’s legally required to do so.

Read the last sentence again with an autonomous private car use in mind: Made for people who used to spend a lot of time behind the steering wheel.

What do spaces for these people look like?

Daimler also started with a (somewhat restricted) re-imagination of the truck and it’s interior. You could call their design … humorous.

This office-dressed guy is reading on his tablet. Count precisely and you’ll see 3 tablet displays in the cockpit. They beat Tesla.

As with cars, the designs for autonomous trucks are inconsequent in their own concept. Tesla isn’t changing that either. Nor does Uber-acquired Otto.

This is not the future:

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