Woz wants a car without a steering wheel

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 72

Steve Wozniak, one of the two Steves to co-found Apple, shared his wishlist for Apple Car with Tech Insider.

Here’s what he thinks of when dreaming of Apple Car:

  1. It has no steering wheel.
  2. It comes at an affordable price.
  3. It can drive your five year old to school, alone.

Reads like some of the early conceptualizations I made in this series.

  1. About the steering wheel:

2. About possible pricing models (more to follow soon):

3. About taking others who can’t drive themselves:

All of that experiences would make Apple Car a breakthrough product, like the iPhone was.


»I’m hoping that the Apple Car is, like the iPhone, so different, so far ahead of the others, leaps ahead.«

It will be, because it has to.

The century-old automotive industry is already afraid of a company like Tesla, who create a rather conventional and transitional product in terms of industrial design.

Imagine what Apple’s ID and operational scale could do to their business.

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