Social Media Is The Key To Success For Your Business — Learn Why!

In the era of globalization, promoting your business to a large audience is vital, especially if you are a small or mid-sized business. Now is a time when having or not having a strong brand presence can make or break your business instantaneously.

Both of these facts might trigger your curiosity and create some questions –

What on earth can social media do for our business?

Why do we need social media for promoting our business when we have Google and so many advertising platforms?

Well! To understand why you need social media for your business, you have to go back to the past!

Since the introduction of social media, the companies didn’t use it at all. In fact, people used it for personal reasons like sharing a family photo or connect to their friends and relatives from a remote place. Long story short, people used social media to interact with each other in a smooth way!

But that trend changed too quickly when social media platformssuch as Facebook or Twitter integrated business perspective to their platforms. Within a short space of time, the entire marketing landscape had transformed, and new avenues became accessible for marketers.

‘Today, using social media platforms, you can interact with a broad range of audiences, creating new sales leads for your business and reaching out the potential customers in quick time!’

‘It doesn’t matter if you sell Diamond rings or bread-crumb online, social media can grow a strong brand presence for your business, ultimately padding your wallet with fortunes.’

At this time, social media acts as an easy-to-use and powerful tool. In fact, within a few seconds, you can share and present a single piece of content to millions of people across the globe!

Wait! Are you still having second thoughts about the significance of Social Media to your business?

Do you need more information as to why businesses would thrive with Social Media?

Let’s explore some statistical data to make things clear once and for all!

a) According to Statista, 97% of the companies use social media marketing for promoting their business.

b) Social media marketing offers a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing system.

c) Around 84% B2B marketers utilize social media at least in some capacity.

d) According to Forbes, 85% of the company has expressed their satisfaction at using social media because it has increased the exposure of their business.

Now that you know why social media is significant for your business, you should be aware of the perks of using social media –

1. Social media connects you with consumers

Suppose you want to connect with your customers quickly, how would you do achieve that? Using social media platforms, you can directly connect and communicate with your customers quickly!

You can update them about your products or services real-time. In fact, you can solve their problems personally.

At the same time, you can understand the needs and demands of your consumers clearly such as — what they like and don’t like about your products or services.

In short, social media will offer you the chance to undertake informed changes more quickly, and you will be one step ahead than the other businesses.

2. Social media enhances your business scope

Broadening your business range is very much essential for the expansion of your business. After initiating your interaction with your audiences or customers on social platforms, you will get to know other businesses in your industry.

This will impact your business positively because you can discuss several contemporary issues with them as well.

You will have the opportunity to connect with similar businesses. You can allocate ad space or just simply promote each other business on the social websites. In this way, you can expand your horizon, boosting your business prospect to a new level.

3. Social media is a powerful tool for branding your product

Branding the product can lead to high-volume of sales. In that regard, social media is a perfect way to brand your product or service.

‘A study by ‘Socialmediatoday’ has revealed that 83% of the customers pick Facebook to promote their brand and 53% prefers Twitter.’

Another study by Nielsen has reported that 46% people depend on social media for buying a product and 50% people have brought products based on the recommendation on the social media websites.

4. Social media can help you attain new customers

The probability of achieving new customers are relatively high on social media platforms as more than half of the world’s entire population are registered with diverse social media platforms.

‘According to eMarketer — there are 1.74 billion active social media users.’

Likewise, in 2013, almost 36% marketers had obtained consumers through Twitter, 43% by LinkedIn, and 52% via Facebook.

5. Social media will increase your sales

Social media can work as an effective tool for generating sales leads. Even it can increase the sales of business rapidly.

‘A recent survey by ‘Socialmediatoday’ has reported that 71% of social media users have more probability to buy products from brands that are engaged with social media websites.’

Wrap Up

It’s worth mentioning that social media is an exceptional tool for building your small business’s brand. With social media at your side, you can create a loyal customer base, boosting your sales to an all-time high.

Not to mention you can enjoy a competitive advantage over potential rivals as well. With that said, not having an active social media presence can make you lose millions! So, why be on the losing side when you can have the world at your feet? Don’t waste any more time and grow your small business to an empire!