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So my goal with this piece is to explain what backlinks are and why we even have it as a term in the first place. Let's jump right in.

The screencast

Oh, a quick one before we start😅. I just wanted you to know if reading isn’t really your thing I also will or already recorded this in a video format, which you can checkout at RandomByte, also subscribe and I will notify you when I upload new content. Now let's get to explaining backlinks, shall we?

Quick intro

You might be familiar with the term links which is used to refer to the clickable words on web pages that lead to other webpages. Backlinks actually refer to the same thing but used in a different context. Now one thing you should know about terms in the tech world is that most of them are coined to help keep things concise.

What is a backlink already😒?

You can ask the question of how many other websites on the internet have links to say your personal website? or you could just ask how many backlinks does your personal website have? You see very concise and anyone who knows what backlinks are will know what you mean instantly. Also, imagine having a table of websites and their backlinks, without the word backlink you will be forced to write a heading like links pointing back to websites.

What's the use of backlinks though 🤷‍♀️?

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Well, this is a term that is very much used in the world of SEO, another term we will be looking at in an upcoming post (another reason to subscribe ☺️). So the most common way most of us discover websites is through search engines and the most popular one being google. Google deems your website more significant if many websites on the internet point back to yours.

Now as you may know, usually when you land on one page you end up on another by clicking through links hopping from one page to the next, one site to another. Imagine if the link to your personal page existed on each and every website on the internet, you will get loads of people visiting your website.

This is kind of the goal of most websites on the internet, they want to have as many eyes as possible. All though having every other website on the internet point to yours is close to impossible, at least you can still try and get as many of them to have links to your website and guess how we measure how many of them are pointing back to your page? You guessed right backlinks.

Summing up

So in short backlinks are a way for us to count how many websites have links back to ours and this is useful for SEO. A quick reminder to check out and subscribe for the video versions of everything posted on here. Just click on the link below.


Tech screencasts for the non-techie


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Tech screencasts for the non-techie

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