5 Ways to Get More from Your Workout with Hemp

How natural cannabinoids in Randy’s Remedy benefit your workout and help you get the most out of your exercise routine.

1. Natural cannabinoids have been shown to decrease anxiety and increase airflow to the lung by decreasing resistance in the airways.

2. They distract you from the pain felt during your workout by improving your emotional reaction to pain and making it more tolerable.

3. Natural cannabinoids improve performance by improving your mood and inducing feelings similar to a “runner’s high” thereby making exercise more enjoyable.

4. Natural cannabinoids also improve your metabolism by supporting healthy sugar metabolism and digestive health.

5. Finally, natural cannabinoids improve focus by removing the monotony of exercise and keeping you in the “zone”.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating a regular exercise routine and natural cannabinoids, such as those found in Randy’s Remedy products, into your life.

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