How Natural Cannabinoids in Hemp Can Cure Your Bad Habits.

Not too long ago I got a message from a customer telling me that since she started using our Randy’s Remedy Daily, that she was been able to quit smoking cigarettes. She found that instead of craving a cigarette, she was instead reaching for her Randy’s Remedy Daily.

Research shows that the natural cannabinoids in hemp can cure your bad habits and help start good ones. Long associated with dangerous narcotics, hemp is now being promoted as an aid for those struggling to quit hard drugs. Early research suggests that the naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp may help curb a wide range of addictions including alcohol, nicotine, and even opiate addiction.

One study found that subjects who were treated with CBD, the main natural cannabinoid found in industrial hemp, significantly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked by nearly 40%.

Another study used CBD for the treatment of neurodegeneration caused by alcohol, one of the leading causes of chronic alcoholism . A final study showed that CBD reduced heroin seeking behavior in rats suggesting the possibility that it may be helpful for people seeking to control cravings and reduce their risk of relapse.

So how does all of this work?

Several studies have revealed the mechanisms by which the natural cannabinoids in hemp benefit the human body. Studies have suggested that these natural cannabinoids may be helpful for a wide range of conditions associated with the central nervous system and immune system.

This is because the natural cannabinoids in hemp work by targeting the cells of the immune and central nervous system promoting a healthy inflammatory response and supporting the central nervous system. By using products containing the natural cannabinoids found in hemp you are essentially boosting an internal body system called the endocannabinoid system which helps regulate other body systems including our nervous system, digestive system, reproductive system, immune system, endocrine system, and musculoskeletal system.

How does it help with addiction?

There are two main reasons that the natural cannabinoids in hemp help people struggling with alcohol addiction. First, they help protect the brain against some of the damage caused directly by the alcohol. Alcohol damages the brain and causes behavioral and cognitive changes that increase the risk of relapse into substance abuse. Second, it helps improve withdrawal symptoms by helping you sleep, calming your nerves, and improving your overall mood. By reducing these negative symptoms the naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp can reduce the risk of relapse while supporting a healthy brain and central nervous system.

How do I benefit?

The best way to get the benefits of the natural cannabinoids in hemp is to use products that contain them, products like Randy’s Remedy. Randy’s Remedy Daily is a liquid health serums that you take orally by administering a half to one full dropper between the cheek and gum where it is quickly absorbed. Everyone is going to respond a little differently so it’s important to take your time in determining how much is best for you. Start with a small amount and increase the amount you take per day over time until you find the benefits you’re looking for. The most important thing is to be patients and consistent with your use as the benefits are cumulative and get better with time. The longer you use Randy’s Remedy products, the more you’ll benefit from them.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to use as much as they need which is why we are proud to announce our campaign to raise money for Cannaka Cares, our program which will be providing Randy’s Remedy products to people in need but can’t afford to pay as well as to support researchers studying the benefits of natural cannabinoids in humans.

We intend to provide Randy’s Remedy products free of charge to researchers so that we can unlock the full potential of the plant and deliver those benefits to our customers. For more information visit;

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