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Rangers Protocol
Rangers Protocol
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2 min readFeb 21, 2022


Rangers Protocol officially opens the verification nodes application to the public today. All blockchain users can now join the Rangers Protocol verification network as verification nodes with an easier solution.

With more users participating in the construction and governance of Rangers Protocol, the Rangers Protocol ecosystem will become more decentralized and secure to achieve faster development.

Check the application process at the end of this article, and apply to be one of the early members helping Rangers Protocol construct a stable and secure network.

What are the Functions of Verification Nodes?

​​Verification nodes are one of the two types of ecological nodes that generate blocks in the Rangers Protocol ecosystem. In our ecosystem, a group consensus mechanism based on VRF+BLS technology is adopted to boost high-frequency trading and interaction efficiency. Verification nodes are randomly grouped to jointly verify the proposal and form a group signature so that a block can be produced and broadcast, thus completing the block generation process.

Verification nodes can also become a part of day-to-day governance by becoming the governance nodes and taking responsibility for initiating non-referendum proposals, voting on referendum and non-referendum proposals, and seconding proposals.

Start Your Application Right Away

With 400+ RPG in your wallet on Rangers Protocol Mainnet, you can start to lodge your application for a verification node right away.

Click here for a detailed verification nodes application guideline. The rest will just fall into place.

Apply and join the Rangers Protocol ecosystem now.

The world’s leading blockchain infrastructure is ours to build together.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure. It is a high-performance engine for complex development and data migration. Rangers Protocol is fully compatible with Ethereum, professionally supports NFT and complex applications, and integrates and expands cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols.

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Rangers Protocol
Rangers Protocol

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