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Chapter II is Complete! Time to Claim Your Victory!

Hey, Rangers! Loot Rangers Adventure Chapter II is officially complete! And, as we all were sure deep in our hearts, the Rangers army came out of the final battle victorious! Hurray!

It’s been a tough fortnight fighting against the Dark Power. You guys are indeed the bravest!

Everything is going back on track now, and it’s time to celebrate the victory!


Meet the Top-10 Rangers!

The enduring battle between the righteous Ranger army and the evil Dark Power was genuinely brutal! Only 10 Rangers got to stand in the final victory and witness Metavana and the whole universe return to peace.

Here are the final Rangers together with their brilliant designers!

  • Seeker @Rob11#0526 — Ranger-Pike
  • Crypto9691 @Rob11#0526 — Ranger-Renzor
  • Gaurav @Gaurav0801#1357 — Ranger-Zorami
  • Gaurav0801#1357 @Gaurav0801#1357 — Ranger-Stiley
  • Seeker @Rob11#0526 — Ranger-Shinchang
  • MixFleer | Ste1n @MixFleer | Ste1n#7266 — Ranger-Mara
  • MixFleer | Ste1n @MixFleer | Ste1n#7266 — Ranger-Mira
  • MixFleer | Ste1n @ Ste1n#7266 — Ranger-Atlas
  • MixFleer | Ste1n @ Ste1n#7266 — Ranger-Leafa
  • MixFleer | Ste1n @ Ste1n#7266 — Ranger-Jazz

The top-10 Ranger designs will each win blind box NFTs worth 8,000 USD! Congratulations, Rangers!

Voting Winners

Let’s not forget the community members who helped to choose the final Rangers! 15 of them are randomly selected to each win a whitelist spot.

  • aoz#8554
  • themacman#0003
  • eletricaljoe#0815
  • disboy#2275
  • Corn3#4696
  • yourock#5232
  • MaticcitaM#3601
  • TwelveCom#9749
  • mFat#9888
  • Catnip#0408
  • Axiemaster1#4668
  • Kengi#5350
  • ROGtv#8599
  • UfotableX#3869
  • cometdiab#9136

Congrats to the voting winners of Chapter II!

Invitation Rewards Winners

Our most active community members fought alongside and consistently brought new forces into the Loot Rangers Adventure. Your efforts are heartedly noted and will be rewarded!

10 random members inviting more than 10 people into the Discord server will win a whitelist spot each.

  • Shiryu#0034
  • HERO Xeron#9340
  • Crypto_star#5948
  • sakiblifestyle#8625
  • nare251#9065
  • Pulcho#9820
  • gowthamaran#5041
  • DexterPlaysPH#8027
  • JohnFleer#0157
  • Femy#8494

Congratulations on your well-deserved efforts! The big celebration is yours to share.

Expecting for More?

Bet you are!

A new chapter is waiting ahead! Chapter III starts already next week!

The major highlight of Chapter III will be the Blind box NFT generating event! The best Rangers’ parts will be randomly assembled to generate Loot Rangers NFTs. 300,000 USD worth of NFT blind boxes are there for the winning Rangers and active community members to claim. Woohoo!

Also, keep an eye on the upcoming NFT blind box pre-sale and public sale on the Rangers Protocol mainnet. They will be the best shot to get these valuable NFTs for everyone!

Already feeling excited? More details are coming next week.

Be patient and keep your expectations running high, Rangers!

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure. It is a high-performance engine for complex development and data migration. Rangers Protocol is fully compatible with Ethereum, professionally supports NFT and complex applications, and integrates and expands cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols.

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