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DeHero AMA Recap

On July 21, 2021, Nicolas Zhu, Rangers Protocol BD Head, invited Coco Li, the community growth director of DeHero, to the AMA powered by Rangers Protocol. Coco Li donated high-quality insights and knowledge about DeHero during the AMA. Thanks to the hard work of Coco and Nicolas, the AMA met the expectations from community members of Rangers Protocol — understanding DeHero and Rangers Protocol even better.

Before we jump to the AMA highlights, it is worth mentioning that Rangers Protocol is holding an AMA Recap Airdrop event. Any participant can receive an airdrop reward worth 500 $MIX on BSC by filling the following form: https://forms.gle/TmDmc824cacuCEfVA, and meeting the requirements of the event:

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Airdrop rewards will be transferred to participants by the end of July 2021. The fill-out form is to be closed by 18:00 July 23, 2021 (UTC+8).

Let’s get back to the AMA recap itself. After a short but thorough introduction, Miz Li cut directly into the explanation of why DeHero chose to shake hands with Rangers Procotol. DeHero believes that Rangers Protocol’s powerful cross-chain function will allow its players to transfer DeHero assets across multiple blockchains. Besides that, Coco mentioned the consensus mechanism of Rangers Protocol can provide DeHero’s players with a faster and cheaper gaming experience. Most importantly, the efforts Rangers Protocol put in its technology development shocked DeHero, and that was the decision-making factor that prompted DeHero to work with Rangers Protocol.

Coco’s knowledgeable response might have pleasantly surprised Nicolas a little bit. Still, he kept himself collected and asked Coco to explain to the community members how DeHero works. It’s evident that Coco came with confidence, and she instantly replied, “DeHero is a card-collecting and mining blockchain game released by MixMarvel that focuses on NFT+DeFi gameplay. This GameFi application was first deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Through the design of stake mining, card-collectible mining, and upgrading cards to obtain higher mining power in DeHero, the gameplay of DeFi and card games is integrated. As a result, this design makes blockchain users feel memorable and attractive. Back in 2019, MixMarvel proposed the Staking Game concept — NFT with intrinsic value. DeHero is the latest MixMarvel community members’ practice of this concept.”

Coco didn’t stop there and continued to explain the mechanism of DeHero. She said that DeHero had created a pricing mechanism in which Token sets NFT’s intrinsic value. When each NFT card is minted, the corresponding amount of $HEROES (the governance token of DeHero) is locked into this card. Therefore, DeHero NFT cards are fundamentally different from other NFTs. As the original assets of the blockchain, NFT cards are based on FT as the value, which can ensure the stability of the NFT assets, and the players’ digital assets’ value. Rights and interests will also be further protected.

The mentioned NFT cards interested Nicolas, so he asked Coco to detail the matter. Coco appeared as a comprehensive person and broke down the NFT card information into detail so that community members could digest them in no time. According to her, DeHero’s NFT cards are issued based on the BEP-721 protocol. Each card includes five elements: hero info, hero ranking, card quality, combat power, and $HEROES.

l Hero Info: Information such as each hero’s name, the amount of staked assets of each card, and its fetters.

l Hero Ranking: Each hero has a ranking number. The same heroes of different qualities have the same ranking numbers. E.g., for both white Anubis and orange Anubis, the ranking numbers are both 001.

l Card Quality: Each hero has six qualities, from ranked high to low: gold, orange, purple, blue, green, and white. The higher the quality, the higher the combat power.

l Card Combat Power: Each card has different combat power depending on its quality. The combat power of the card determines the mining efficiency.

l $HEROES: the cards obtained by staking will lock the corresponding amount of $HEROES tokens according to the number of stakes. The cards can be destroyed 48 hours after being generated. The released $HEROES tokens can be obtained simultaneously.

After clarifying NFT cards, Coco and Nicolas jumped right into the next important question — participating in the DeHero. It was ascertained that, first of all, as the hero cards are the main NFT assets, users need to obtain some NFT hero cards as their assets right after entering the game. With NFT cards, users can participate in subsequent card mining, cards sale, and other activities to earn income. Then, Coco started to talk about the NFT cards and ways to obtain them.

DeHero initially released 48 different hero cards. Each hero card is divided into six qualities: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold, ranked from low to high. The higher the card quality, the higher the corresponding mining power. The mining power is part of the value composition of NFT cards, along with card numbers — specific numbers of cards will compose the fetters, quality, and the number of tokens contained in the cards. NFT cards are the primary mining tool in the game. There are three ways to obtain them.

The first way is to buy a blind box NFT card packs. Players can purchase NFT card packs at different rates. Then, they open the card packs in “My Card Packs” and gain NFT cards randomly. On the day the product was launched, DeHero opened the pre-sale of 6000 NFT card packs. Within 24 minutes, all pre-sale cards were sold out. And on July 15, 4000 card packs were sold out within mere 10 minutes. DeHero will launch the second batch of new NFT hero card packs on July 26.

The second is to stake to draw NFT blind boxes. Players can choose to stake different assets to obtain NFT cards. The mainstream assets currently supported in the stake function include BSC mainstream tokens such as BNB and BUSD. In addition to staking these mainstream assets, players can also obtain NFT blind boxes by directly staking $HEROES. Depending on the number of staked HEROES tokens, the quality of the NFT cards that the produced card packs can obtain will also be different. Forty-eight hours after the card is generated, players must choose whether to get the corresponding amount of $HEROES by destroying the NFT.

The third is to buy NFT cards directly in the Cards Shop, which is the most convenient way. Users can choose to buy the cards they like in the trading market directly. The Shop has multiple NFT trading areas, all of which support BSC mainstream assets for NFT exchange.

After being familiar with the gameplay, community members and Nicolas were curious about the income of playing the game. Of course, Coco nailed it with an informative response.

When obtaining the NFT hero cards, users can participate in card collectible mining and go to the Marketplace to sell cards. Card-collectible mining is calculated by the ratio of the total combat power of NFT cards to the total combat power of the entire server and conduct mining behavior to get $HEROES. After logging in to the game with each address, users will receive a card set containing a card slot. They can place the obtained NFT hero card in the corresponding card slot to activate the power of the NFT card. The ratio of the total combat power of the card set to the total combat power of the entire server determines the mining efficiency of the player. The more cards activated, the higher the full combat power and the higher the proportion of mining.

As Coco mentioned, the algorithm for the total combat power of the card set is: the sum of the combat power of each NFT card that has been placed in the card set, multiplied by the number of cards in the collection, is the total combat power of the card set. In addition, NFT cards also have bonus power. When multiple specific cards are placed in the card set simultaneously, a combination will be formed. The card power in the combination will be added.

Players can also use the corresponding NFT cards to upgrade the card slots. The upgraded card slots will have the bonus of combat power. The card used to upgrade the card slot will be destroyed. The HEROES in the card will be released gradually within 120 hours. As a result, players can receive the released HEROES in the card mining interface.

Last but not least, the last part of the AMA contains some data and factual information:

1. Current APY:

In the non-destructive mining pool, MDX’s APY is by far the highest — 598%.

The APY of HEROES-BUSD trading pairs has reached 2391% in the permanent mining pool, and the APY of HEROES-MIX trading pairs has been up to 3024%.

2. DeHero’s Progress:

When DeHero opened the pre-sale card pack, the supply was limited to 6000, and each card pack contained 30 HEROES. At that time, the price of HEROES was $1, and card packs were sold out within 24 minutes after the pre-sale opened. Then, DeHero launched stake mining, and the price of HEROES rose to $2 within 24 hours. DeHero’s next sales event ran out within 12 minutes, and the transaction volume reached 2nd among NFTs on BSC.

3. Game Address and More:

Game Address: https://www.dehero.co?utm_source=10

How to configure the wallet: https://mixmarvel.gitset.io/dehero/play

4. Official Information Resources:

Follow Twitter for more official information: https://twitter.com/MIXMARVELGAME

Join the Telegram community to participate in players’ discussions: https://t.me/MixMarvelGlobal

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