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Endorsed by Pantera, Hottest DEXTools Pair $RPG/BUSD Trading Volume Hits $7.3M 16h since TGE

1 p.m. on 7th October (UTC), Rangers Protocol Gas $RPG completed a successful IDO on Polkastarter with an initial release price of $4. At 2 p.m. UTC, $RPG opened three token-generation events in DEX, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap and opened trading on the trading platform MixMarvel.Finance.

After the trading market opened, the highest trading price of $RPG quickly exceeded $18. An hour later, the market value of $RPG exceeded $314 million.

As of the writing of this article, 16 hours after launch, the transaction volume of $RPG has exceeded $7.3million, the real-time price is $25.39, and the ROI is at the highest of 521.67%

The data of $RPG continues to rise. Currently, $RPG has become the hottest pair on DEXTools.io. It is never too late to join Rangers Protocol and $RPG!

You can get $RPG from:

1. https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0x55cdb14855220b239cf857a03849d96736b9103f

2. https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0x5340c7b63cef225e7c5e4620d4ff6c57ee585dd1

3. www.mixmarvel.finance

Please use the contract address for searching $RPG and trading pairs:

BEP20 RPG: 0xc2098a8938119A52B1F7661893c0153A6CB116d5

ERC20 RPG: 0x0E5C8C387C5EBa2eCbc137aD012aeD5Fe729e251

BEP20 RPG/BUSD LP tokens: 0x55cdb14855220b239cf857a03849d96736b9103f

ERC20 RPG/USDT LP tokens: 0x5340c7B63cef225e7c5E4620d4Ff6c57EE585Dd1

BEP20 MIX: 0x398f7827dccbefe6990478876bbf3612d93baf05

ERC20 MIX: 0x5d285f735998f36631f678ff41fb56a10a4d0429

Rangers Protocol is a high-performance engine for complex development and data migration. It has created an innovative Rangers Engine to support the development of NFT and complex applications and a Rangers Connector to interconnector with various public chains and support asset cross-chain.

We are very grateful to investors and global partners for their support that allowed Rangers Protocol to achieve such excellent results in such a short time. Notably, we want to thank Pantera Capital and Polkastarter for their endorsement. Mr. Veradittakit from Pantera specially released an article for Rangers Protocol, comprehensively analyzing its market background, technical solutions, business blueprints, and global resources, adding to the influence of Rangers Protocol on a global scale (the icing on the cake)!

You can get a more macro understanding of Rangers Protocol from Mr. Veradittakit’s article and Polkastarter:


About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a future virtual world blockchain infrastructure, fully compatible with Ethereum, professionally supports NFT and complex applications, and integrates and expands cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols.

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Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol


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