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Loot Rangers NFT Pre-Sale: Your Way to the First NFTs on Rangers Protocol Mainnet!

Hey, Rangers! Feel like some exciting news today? You are right on time.

The Loot Rangers NFT blind box pre-sale will be held on Jan. 13, 2022! The first-ever batch of NFTs on Rangers Protocol mainnet is waiting for you to collect!


Why the NFTs blind box sales?

Loot Rangers Adventure is coming to Chapter II! It’s the time when the bravest chosen Rangers will fight bitterly to save Metavana and the whole universe from the vicious Dark Power. The enemy is unfathomably formidable, and the battle will be fierce!

To reward the heroes standing in the final victory and the active community members showing their support all along, a massive celebration of NFT blind box sales is right on its way in Chapter III when 300,000 USD worth of NFTs will be there to claim!

The blind box sales are also a big reward for everyone, for all the values within! The NFTs being sold are randomly generated through the winning Rangers’ parts and will be the first batch of NFTs on the Rangers Protocol mainnet! Isn’t that memorable! What’s more, all these NFTs can, later on, be staked to participate in the $1,000,000+ mining pool!

How to get them?

The NFT blind box sales will be held on Jan. 13, 2022. Firstly, a pre-sale will be held on the Rangers Protocol mainnet, followed by the public sale shortly after. And this will be the first event on the mainnet! Woohoo!

The only entering ticket that allows you to participate in the pre-sale is a whitelist spot. That’s right! Having won a whitelist spot in Weeks 1–6, the active community members are all secured with a chance to buy three blind boxes on the big day! How exciting!

Not having a whitelist spot?

No worries! You have quite a few ways to gain it!

Each week until the end of Chapter II, we randomly choose 15 community members among all the voters to reward each with a pre-sale whitelist spot.

Also, 10 random members that invite more than 10 people into the Discord server will get one whitelist spot each by the end of Chapter II.

More ways to get whitelists and secure your spot in pre-sale are on the way!

Already on Monday, December 20, you will be able to apply for one of 100+ whitelist spots. Don’t miss your chance!

Specific information will be published on the day of the event’s start.

Remember, the celebration is for everyone to join! More surprises will come your way soon!

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure. It is a high-performance engine for complex development and data migration. Rangers Protocol is fully compatible with Ethereum, professionally supports NFT and complex applications, and integrates and expands cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols.

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