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More Rangers Join Ranger-M21’s Squad!

Hey Rangers! Time to give you the names of the brave warriors from Loot Rangers NFT Adventure Week 2 who will follow Ranger-M21 into the next round of the adventure!


Best of Week 2

Thanks for your effort in preparing the excellent Rangers for the righteous army! Over the second week of the adventure, Ranger-M21 has met even more applicants with awe-inspiring characters and skills. However, some tough decisions have to be made. The big battle against the Dark Power requires some unique characteristics that not everyone has.

Fortunately, with the help of our brilliant community members, Ranger-M21 got to know each Ranger’s strengths and skills better and came up with the final list!

Here are the seven warriors elected as the most competent ones to fight together with Ranger-M21 and, of course, their talented creators!

  • Seeker @Rob11#0526 — Ranger-Pike
  • ArtsyDionne @ArtsyDionne#3439 — Ranger-Adira Vylriane
  • ArtsyDionne @ArtsyDionne#3439 — Ranger-Aelia
  • ArtsyDionne @ArtsyDionne#3439 — Ranger-Void’y
  • ArtsyDionne @ArtsyDionne#3439 — Ranger-Kitcat
  • ArtsyDionne @ArtsyDionne#3439 — Ranger-Peater
  • MixFleer | FLEERS @JohnFleer#0157 — Ranger-Ancient Frost Dragon Knight

The Rangers above have all secured a place in the next Chapter of Loot Rangers adventure and a chance to win blind box NFTs! Congratulations, Rangers!

Friendly reminder: You still have the rest of Week 3, till November 23, 11:59 PM, and the whole Week 4 to win the chance to enter Chapter II as well as 8000 USD worth of NFT! Hurry up!

Voting Winners

Those who helped Ranger-M21 with making the Top Rangers list are also deeply appreciated and shall be rewarded! Each of the 15 active community members listed below will be winning a whitelist spot!

  • Slim#9957
  • Alpha_Red#3098
  • Linken#0547
  • Kaz#2671
  • ShadowMoby#6907
  • Jigil_Shocker#3053
  • Trypas#3622
  • savana1998#1921
  • evelineswart#0209
  • ranjansingh67#4053
  • MixFleer | QueenVJane#7511
  • Bond99#4638
  • Mugi#5857
  • rajmak#5522
  • Fdd#1905

Congratulations to the voting winners of Week 2!

Be creative and be active — and you will make your own luck!

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