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Project Progress of Rocket Protocol, Incubated by MixMarvel, Receives $1.2 Million Seed Round of Financing

This month, Rocket Protocol announced completing a $1.2 Million Seed Round of financing, led by Pantera Capital, Framework Ventures and SevenX Ventures with Hashkey, Puzzle Ventures, SNZ Holding, and Spark Digital Capital.

Rocket Protocol has obtained financial support from investment institutions with the seed round financing success and got a tremendous amount of network resources.

On the one hand, the influence of investors in the industry offers more opportunities for Rocket Protocol to be seen in various fields of the blockchain, enhancing the visibility of Rocket Protocol in the global market and expanding the community base.

On the other hand, Rocket Protocol has established in-depth strategic partnerships with investors. The investment matrix would introduce more valuable resources worthy of cooperation for Rocket Protocol, including developers, well-known IPs and major communities. Moreover, investors of Rocket Protocol have also invested in notable projects of the blockchain industry: FileCoin, Ripple, Starkware, Cosmos, Polkadot, and CoinBase.

Rocket Protocol Holds YouTube Panel, Discussing the Development of NFT From Eastern and Western Perspectives

On May 12, Mary Ma, co-founder of Rocket Protocol, initiated a panel “NFT and DeFi Development in East and West.” She invited Cointelegraph China, Rocket Protocol’s media partner, to co-organize the penal.

The panel was broadcasted live on YouTube, and world-renowned investment institutions, Pantera, Framework Ventures and SevenX Ventures, participated in the discussion. In addition, Rocket Protocol also invited its business partner DODO to participate in the roundtable panel. The editor-in-chief of Cointelegraph China, Ting, helped to host and moderator the meeting.

Panel Playback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VeAwY6hAC4&t=9s

Rocket Protocol Is Included in the ICO Analytics Platform

Rocket Protocol was included in the ICO Analytics platform and became an influential start-up project globally. ICO Analytics is a platform that focuses on data analysis of blockchain projects. The agency does not provide any financial investment advice. It has maintained objective data output for an extended period in the industry and established a wide range of credibility. The recognition of ICO Analytics provides strong support for setting the global visibility and reputation of Rocket Protocol.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a future-oriented virtual world blockchain infrastructure incubated by MixMarvel. It integrates cross-chain protocol, NFT protocol, and EVM protocol. As a high-performance chain group that can realize the multi-chain contract interoperability of the EVM system, Rangers Protocol serves all entrepreneurs who want to explore the blockchain world. It allows pioneer developers to freely try diverse content and applications in the Rangers Protocol ecosystem without permission.

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