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Rangers Protocol
Rangers Protocol
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Rangers Protocol defines “Web3 Engine” for the first time in the industry, aspiring to be the one to facilitate the development of the Web3 world with the best technical support.

What is a Web3 Engine?

Metaphorically speaking, a Web3 Engine to the Web3 world is what an engine is to a car, which is supposed to produce power to make the vehicle move.

To drive the whole blockchain-based Web3, a Web3 Engine needs to be a professional system providing comprehensive blockchain infrastructures, supporting various processes from complex blockchain applications development to cross-chain and mass distribution, from in-app services to even more.

Fully recognizing the mission of a Web3 Engine in the Web3 ecosystem, Rangers Protocol is honored to be the first to share its definition:

A Web3 Engine provides decentralized infrastructures, data management, standardized IDEs, and comprehensive interoperability which enable efficient dApp development in a particular industry.

Each of the four components constituting a Web3 Engine has a place to come right in. Decentralized infrastructures, the backbone that powers Web3 Engine, are crucial in carrying forward the true essence of blockchain — decentralization and data safety. Data management will be of great help to Web3 developers with all-around Web3 data utilization, including data documentation and data transfer. Standardized IDEs are indispensable for a better and easier dApp development experience. Meanwhile, comprehensive interoperability shall allow ultimate interoperability of not only NFT or tokens, but also every other kind of data, assets, accounts, etc.

On the road to Web3 Engine

Steps Taken

Rangers Protocol came up with the definition of Web3 Engine based on its clear cognition of what Web3 needs to develop and thrive and went on working strenuously to deliver it all as one worthy of the name. So far, Rangers Protocol has made crucial steps forward.

  • Rangers Protocol Mainnet

Rangers Protocol Mainnet, launched in December 2021, is deployed with a highly scalable VRF+BLS blockchain. With the EVM-compatible virtual machine REVM, the NFT protocol containing entire historical data of NFT, the storage module for asset and data storage, and the node module for block generation, Rangers Protocol Mainnet can fully support complex applications which developers get to create freely.

  • Rangers Connector

Powered by the VRF+TSS mechanism, Rangers Connector now contains full nodes of the origin and target chain for providing trusted data services and modules for cross-chain transactions. By providing heterogeneous cross-chain solutions, Rangers Connector removes the cross-chain communication barriers and lowers the operation difficulty for developers and mass users.

Explicit Goals

Following what has been stated in the Web3 Engine definition, Rangers Protocol has set explicit development goals for itself, which is to develop into a developer-friendly ecosystem where developers can get all they need for efficient dApp development, including standardized IDEs and diverse in-app services catering to NFT, DeFi, and more.

Rangers Protocol is right on track to achieve its goals and will firmly continue to develop towards a powerful Web3 Engine.

Please stay tuned and keep an eye on our next-step moves.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure. It is a high-performance engine for complex development and data migration. Rangers Protocol is fully compatible with Ethereum, professionally supports NFT and complex applications, and integrates and expands cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols.

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Rangers Protocol
Rangers Protocol

Web3 Engine infrastructure to minimize the development difficulty for Web3 developers and maximize the user experience of its Web3 applications