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Rangers Protocol Progress Report

Rangers Protocol went through a fruitful month in terms of technical development and ecosystem expansion by successively launching the much-anticipated Node Management Platform and welcoming new proposal nodes onboard, closing up Q2 of 2022 with satisfying results.

Technical Progress

In June, the Rangers Protocol team focused on the upgrade of Rangers Mainnet, which continued to operate stably, generating 16.8 million blocks in total so far.

Rangers Mainnet

Updates and Fixes

a. The inconsistency of nonce increment in Rangers Protocol accounts with that in Ethereum accounts after calling the contract is fixed.

b. The upper limit of verification groups that a verification node can join has been optimized. Currently, a verification node can join a maximum of 50 verification groups.

Rangers Connector

1. The blockchain integration of Rangers Connector is progressing smoothly and has been completed by 60% overall. More details on specific development items with respective rates of overall progress are as follows:

a. Signature replacement of the consensus module group is completed by using TSS algorithm instead of BLS algorithm and tested through (95%);

b. Replacement of the grouping algorithm by substituting BLS algorithm with TSS algorithm is completed (95%);

c. Underlying code and value settings of block generation of the cross-chain bridge economic model have been updated and passed testing (90%);

d. Cross-chain data acquisition module is to be updated;

e. Node recruitment and the following node deployment on Rangers Protocol network are to be updated;

2. Rangers Connector has been undergoing upgrade and transformation for NFT cross-chain, which is currently 95% done.


1. Delegated Staking System

The development of the Delegated Staking System is steadily progressing and left with 20% of work to go. More detailed development progress is as follows:

a. VM staking instructions: 100%

b. Contracts and the front-end: 80%

c. Comprehensive testing of front-end and back-end functions: 20%

2. Multi-signature wallet

The basic functions of the multi-signature wallet have been fully developed and verified. The multi-signature wallet is now deployed on Rangers Protocol, with two minor issues to be resolved. The overall development progress on this application has come to 90%.

Rangers Scan Data Service

The overall development of the Rangers Scan data service is 95% complete, with its functions entirely developed and accepted and new feature requests scheduled.

Key tasks were successively accomplished in previous months, including:

  • ERC20 contract release and audit process design;
  • Information display of contract source code and more on the contract information page.
  • Adding information statistics of ERC20 contract holders;
  • Adding contract event details and more on the transaction page.

More functions were being developed in June and are currently halfway through, including:

  • Automatic identification of the ERC20 contract;
  • Contract compilation and verification of uploading.

June Highlights

Node Management Platform Launch

Rangers Protocol released the Node Management Platform on June 9, to provide its users with comprehensive node management services. The new tool is free to join and easy to use, allowing affordable and effortless mining.

The Node Management Platform currently offers node rental services to help users to become Rangers Protocol verification nodes while providing first-hand real-time node information, including the TVL (total value locked) of both proposal nodes and verifications nodes staking across the Rangers Protocol mainnet.

Rangers Scan Release

Following the test version release at Robin Testnet in May, Rangers Scan was officially launched on the Rangers Protocol mainnet on June 14, supporting a richer information display with all the features in the test version successfully updated.

Rangers Scan is a perfect demonstration of the joint forces of Rangers Protocol and external developers as well as a reflection of Rangers Protocol’s commitment to transparency and user-friendliness.

New Proposal Nodes On Board

Rangers Protocol further expanded its ecosystem by inviting the first batch of fourteen proposal nodes on board, whose presence has increased the level of decentralization of Rangers Protocol to a greater extent.

The new node partners are Incuba Alpha Holdings, Puzzle Ventures, SNZ, Polkastarter, Hash Global, HashKey Capital, Consensus Lab, SevenX Ventures, Origin Capital, Metaverse Capital, Kernel Ventures, META BRIDGE, Spark Digital Capital, and ArkStream Capital.

Rangers Protocol warmly welcomes more node partners to its ecosystem and will soon release the 2-step application channel of proposal nodes. Meanwhile, the application for verification node is open to the public and stands as a great chance for enthusiastic users to join the Rangers Protocol ecosystem as an ecological node.

Q2 with Remarkable Achievements

To Rangers Protocol, the past Q2 of 2022 has ended exhilaratingly with solid progress in both technology breakthrough and market development, passing one after another significant milestones.

With an abiding goal to minimize the difficulty of dApp development, Rangers Protocol went on deploying more tools on its mainnet including the oracle function, Rangers Scan, and the latest Node Management Platform, further completing its toolsets for developers and mass users and marking the Q2 milestone in terms of technical development. The sub-chain plan is also close to being finished and will be presented to users later on.

Also, Rangers Protocol reached a major milestone in business development as well, by successfully having the blockchain game DeHeroGame deployed on its Robin Testnet, which is the first dApp to be tested on the Rangers Protocol network.

Meanwhile, Rangers Protocol’s ecosystem token RPG showed lively performance in the last quarter by getting listed on the centralized exchange BitWell on April 13, marking the strategic cooperation between Rangers Protocol and BitWell in areas of Metaverse, Web3 ecosystem, GameFi, NFT, and more, which is followed by another important partnership of Rangers Protocol with Canoe Finance, a simple MetaFi integration with an upgradable SDK, preparing the ground for the future deployment of the blockchain GameFi DEX Pikeman Trading on Rangers Protocol.

Rangers Protocol will keep this strong momentum in the following quarters of the year. Please stay tuned for every bit of our progress.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is the backbone of a Web3 engine for creating immersive Web3 applications. It minimizes the development difficulty for Web3 developers and maximizes the user experience of its Web3 applications. Rangers Protocol provides comprehensive infrastructures for efficient complex-app development, successful cross-chain and mass distribution, diverse in-app NFT and DeFi features, and more. Through its full EVM-compatibility, strategic industry partnerships and its curated all-in-one IDE, Rangers Protocol supports AAA and indie developers to succeed in the Web3 world.

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Rangers Protocol

Web3 Engine infrastructure to minimize the development difficulty for Web3 developers and maximize the user experience of its Web3 applications