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Week 3 is Over! We are Closer to the Battle!

Hello, Rangers! Loot Rangers Week 3 has come to an end! Time to tally up.

Over the past week, the Ranger-M21 army against the Dark Power welcomed many new allies. Ranger-M21 was truly impressed by your creativity!

Loot Rangers — the NFT Adventure is an NFT co-design campaign released by blockchain infrastructure Rangers Protocol. Loot Rangers allows its participants to show off their creativity by co-creation while having an opportunity to receive generous NFT rewards worth up to 8000 USD.


What happened in Week 3?

27 new Rangers pledged to fight against the Dark Power to save Metavana and the whole universe over the past week. Ranger-M21 thus had more time and room for thought to strategize the return to Metavana.

Yes! You heard it right! We are CLOSER to the great battle and, hopefully, the ultimate victory, Rangers!

The clock is ticking!

We have now come to the final stage of preparing for the fierce battle, and more strong and brave Rangers are still needed.

There is only One Week left to help Ranger-M21 build up an undefeated army before Chapter II starts!

There will be no uploads in Chapter II. Make haste!

How to Contribute?

As Week 3 upload has ceased, the ongoing upload for Week 4 is your last chance to join! Grab the final opportunity by uploading as many of your own Ranger designs as you want!

Our active community voters, there is a little more time for you! The community voting for Week 3 is still on! You can vote for the designs that win your heart till November 26, 11:59 PM UTC.

Join our Discord to see all designs for Week 3’s voting and support your favorites. You will be amazed at how many astonishing designs there are!

Week 3 Results

As the voting is still open, Week 3 results will be announced on November 29. Be patient!

The winning Rangers of Week 3 can secure a place in Chapter II of the Loot Rangers Adventure (Week 5, December 7) and a chance to win blind box NFTs worth 8,000 USD per design!

Friendly reminder: Week 4 (November 24 till December 3) will be the last week for Rangers to be selected to go to the next stage (Week 5) and have a chance to win NFT prizes.

Let your creativity flow! See you in Week 4, Rangers!

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a future virtual world’s blockchain infrastructure. It is a high-performance engine for complex development and data migration. Rangers Protocol is fully compatible with Ethereum, professionally supports NFT and complex applications, and integrates and expands cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols.

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