Ranked ARAM Formula 1.1

In one week, we analyzed over 400,000 ARAM games. The data proved minor adjustments to how Champion Mastery affects the Ranked ARAM Formula were necessary. Here are the updates:

  • Champion mastery rank 6 and 7 penalty reduced
  • Low mastery rank bonus reduced slightly
  • If champion mastery can’t be retrieved, service is retried until proper Champion Mastery value can be applied.

Total RAPTs have been recalculated for all ranked summoners.

The other factors contributing to Ranked ARAM points remain unchanged. See our post on Ranked ARAM Forumla 1.0 to learn more about the Ranked ARAM Formula.

ARAM is a League of Legends game mode. It was created by the community and adopted as an official game mode in 2012. Ranked ARAM heats up the Howling Abyss by celebrating RNG and rewarding teamwork.

If you have questions about the Ranked ARAM formula comment here or tweet @RankedARAM. And, don’t forget to feed the poros!