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Aug 18, 2016 · 3 min read
ARAM Queue in League of Legends Alpha Client

ARAM is my favorite League of Legends game mode.

I built Ranked ARAM for me: to challenge myself to play better League regardless of the game mode. I feel our ARAM ranking formula celebrates RNG and rewards teamwork. I’m sure you feel the same, right? You’ve already queued for an ARAM because you can’t wait to rank up, right!?

Maybe you think this is a horrible idea. “I play ARAM to get away from ranked,” you’re thinking. “This ruins ARAM.”

If you’d like to salt my inbox or social feeds, contact info is below.

For everyone who wants to celebrate this momentous moment in League of Legends community history, read on to see how Ranked ARAM works, and meet the people who helped launch the site.

How It Works

The Ranked ARAM season starts today, August 22, 2016.

All Summoners start on equal footing with zero Ranked ARAM points (RAPTs). Earn points in ARAM games based on your champion mastery, KDA, kill participation, and match result (read more about Ranked ARAM Formula 1.0). We only serve North America at this time.

Check your ARAM rank by searching your summoner name on

Once your name is on the Ranked ARAM ladder, we’ll keep your record up to date. The Riot Games API, the source of League of Legends game data, only allows us to check your last ten matches for ARAM games, so… you may be missing a few RAPTs if your summoner was added after August 22.

Don’t worry though! We plan to reset Ranked ARAM points near the end of the year to give everyone a fair chance to rank up in 2017.

The Engineers

Bowen Li created the first Ranked ARAM prototype. He generously donated his time to prove the vision was possible. After Bowen’s exploration of the Riot Games API, we knew we had a challenge on our hands.

Kristopher Cost picked up the gauntlet.

In just a few weeks, Kris built everything that Ranked ARAM is today. The site is simple on the surface, but awesomely powerful behind the scenes. We’ll dedicated a future post to a tech deep dive. For now, let’s just say: the way this system pulls and organizes League of Legends data is sexy — like Kitty Cat Katarina sexy.

The Artist

Mai-Anh Tran created the Howling Abyss art featured in the background of She’s drawing up a couple cute critters that we’ll share soon. In the meantime, check out more of Mai-Anh’s art and cosplay on Facebook and Deviant Art.

“Freljord, the Howling Abyss” by Mai-Anh Tran

Thank You

Bowen, thank you for proving the vision was possible. Kris, thank you for making the vision a more perfect reality than I had initially dreamed up. Mai-Anh, thank you for sharing your artistic talent. And, finally… Riot Games, thank you for letting us share Ranked ARAM with the League of Legends community.

ARAM players, I also want to thank you in advance.

I hope Ranked ARAM is something you grow to love. I consider this a community project. Send feedback if you have it. We’ll work to incorporate your best ideas. And, say “hi” if you see me, brykoch, on the Howling Abyss!

ARAM is a League of Legends game mode. It was created by the community and adopted as an official game mode in 2012. Ranked ARAM heats up the Howling Abyss by celebrating RNG and rewarding teamwork.

If you have questions about the Ranked ARAM formula comment here or tweet @RankedARAM. And, don’t forget to feed the poros!


Heating up the Howling Abyss by rewarding RNG and teamwork

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Heating up the Howling Abyss by rewarding RNG and teamwork

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