A 10 seasons career

F1 2015 did not feature a career mode, but it seems Codemasters is going all-in with F1 2016.

“F1 2016 is a massive step forward for the franchise(…)”, said Lee Mather, principal games designer at Codemasters, informing that this time around, as opposed to F1 2015 that had no Career mode, you’ll be able to race through, not just one, but ten full Seasons. Vehicle development is also one of the new strongest points of the career mode, adding a rich car upgrade system, where the upgrades and testing follow the real life counterpart.

Being re-introduced in F1 2016, is the Safety Car, and for the first time in any F1 game, the Virtual Safety Car.

As soon as you start the career mode, you get to choose an avatar that will represent yourself through your Career, and any of the F1 Teams. Depending on your choice, different goals and expectations will be applied. As in real life, starting from the bottom is always harder than starting from the top, but expectations are lower, which makes it easier to go up if you perform well. You can also develop your own favourite team into a championship contender.

Another new feature is the “stunning hospitality areas” that will allow you to work with the Research and Development Engineer and Player Agent, helping you evolving as a rider on and off the track.

A new track, in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, was added, and the new F1 Team, Haas, will be introduced as well. I am not sure what this means, but Codemasters also mentioned a new time of day editor, allowing you to customize the track, “dramatically” changing your race experience.

I do like playing my fair bit of racing simulators, and F1 is one of my favorites, even though I skipped F1 2015. From what is being presented and said by Codemasters, I think this year is another go for F1!