Race Arcade: a racing game for Retros

Xbox One will receive a new top-down, retro and arcade racing game: Race Arcade.

The game launches with 100 tracks, with many different themes, such as ice roads, molten lava fields, and even post-apocalyptic cities. It also features 6 types of vehicles: tractors; rally cars; sports car; motorcycle; formula; and real UFOs.

As for solo players, the game offers three different modes: Single Races, Career and Time Trial. However, to keep the competitive side alive, a Local Multiplayer mode (up to 6 players) is also available for those who like to challenge their friends.

Unfortunately, there’s no Online Multiplayer announced, which is a let down for today’s standards, and also when the company claims that “this fresh and evolved racing experience seamlessly combines all the best parts from the good old racing games with the most recent technologies.”