2012 in women’s soccer: Goals from the last bridge season

Beau Dure
Beau Dure
Jun 19, 2020 · 13 min read

Next week, I’m publishing a book on 2012 in U.S. women’s soccer leagues.


This was the last season without a full-fledged pro league. I didn’t specifically set out to time it for the same summer as another “bridge” season between a full seasons of pro soccer, but it’s a nice fit.

The bulk of the book is an oral (email) history featuring dozens of people who played, coached and fretted their way through the season in which the WPSL Elite League carried the flag for pro soccer, U.S. players got a few games with WPSL Elite and W-League teams before the Olympics, and the Chicago Red Stars nearly won the double.

I’ve also compiled all the scoring details I could find from all WPSL Elite games and a few others. I’m listing them here along with sources (a lot of reports from The Equalizer and All White Kit), and I plan to refer to this from the book itself.

Corrections and additions welcome. (Bold italic is something I couldn’t find or found contradicting reports.) Records are spotty, and even after countless hours digging all of this out of game reports, I wouldn’t mind some help.

WPSL Elite season

Boston: Alice Binns (Alejandra Velasco)
Chesapeake: rotated Erin Quinn and Lyndse Hokanson in each game
Chicago: Jamie Forbes (Kelsey Devonshire)
FC Indiana: Geralda Saintilus
New England: Vikki Alonzo (Jennifer Bannon)
New York: Michelle Betos
Philadelphia: Michele Dalton
Western NY: Alli Lipsher, Brittany Cameron

*** WEEK 1***

May 10 (Thurs): Chesapeake 0–3 Boston
Att: 400
4 BOS Veronica Napoli (Courtney Jones), 1st of season
14 BOS Katie Schoepfer (Veronica Napoli), 1st
15 BOS Jessica Luscinski (Leslie Osborne) 1st

Absent: Kyah Simon, Tameka Butt

May 12 (Sat): New England 1–5 New York
Att: 932
5 NY Merritt Mathias (Meghan Lenczyk), 1st
13 NY Jasmyne Spencer (Merritt Mathias), 1st
24 NY Merritt Mathias (Tina DiMartino), 2nd
42 NY Merritt Mathias (Brittany Taylor), 3rd
73 NY Meghan Lenczyk (Karin Simonian), 1st
75 NE Tiya Gallegos, 1st

May 12 (Sat): Western NY 4–1 FC Indiana
Att: 1,304
4 WNY Adriana (Emily van Egmond), 1st
10 WNY Adriana PK, 2nd
15 FCI Lovely Placide (assist?), 1st
81 WNY Laura Heyboer, 1st
86 WNY Adriana PK, 3rd

Shots: WNY 15–1 (FCI 11 saves)

*** WEEK 2 ***

Week recap: All White Kit (Ray Curren)

May 18 (Fri): Boston 4–1 FC Indiana
Att: 2,312
9 BOS Katie Schoepfer, 2nd
11 FCI Felicia Libertin (Sophia Batard), 1st
13 BOS Kyah Simon (Katie Schoepfer), 1st
22 BOS Kyah Simon (Jessica Luscinski), 2nd
57 BOS Tameka Butt (Kyah Simon), 1st

May 19 (Sat): Western NY 0–1 New York
54 NY Brittany Taylor (Merritt Mathias), 1st

Goal sequence: Mathias corner, T. DiMartino dummy, Taylor shot, Cameron gets hand to it but it gets over Salem.

May 19 (Sat): New England 4–2 Chesapeake
Att: 937
17 NE Jenny Maurer, 1st
24 NE Tiya Gallegos, 2nd
27 CHE Shannon Collins, 1st
32 NE Riley Houle PK, 1st
49 CHE Sophia Reid, 1st
90+ NE Becca Mays (assist?), 1st

Absent: Morgan Andrews (prom) / Christine Nairn
At East Longmeadow HS field, where Maurer played and was coaching at the time

May 20 (Sun): Chicago 2–0 FC Indiana
45+ CHI Julianne Sitch (Lori Chalupny), 1st
89 CHI Lauren Fowlkes PK, 1st

Shots: CHI 14–2

May 20 (Sun): Philadelphia 2–2 New England
Att: 782
21 PHI Dylan Jordan, 1st
42 NE Tiya Gallegos (Riley Houle), 3rd
65 NE Tiya Gallegos (Vicki DiMartino), 4th
81 PHI Myriam Bouchard, 1st

Toni Pressley’s lone appearance for New England

*** WEEK 3***

May 23 (Wed): New York 1–2 Boston
Att: 1,300
9 BOS Tameka Butt (Courtney Jones), 2nd
19 BOS Katie Schoepfer (Kyah Simon), 3rd
66 NY Merritt Mathias (Kia McNeill), 4th

Injured during game: Butt, Gina DiMartino

NY coach Paul Riley hails Boston mid Leslie Osborne as the best player on the field.

May 25 (Fri): FC Indiana 0–2 Chicago
Att: 613
6 CHI Lauren Fowlkes (Alyssa Mautz), 2nd
64 CHI Lori Chalupny (Vanessa DiBernardo), 1st

May 26 (Sat): Boston 0–3 Western NY (forfeit; originally 3–2 Boston)
Att: 2,342
Melissa Henderson ineligible due to paperwork caught up in Russia
Katie Schoepfer had scored a hat trick

May 27 (Sun): Philadelphia 2–3 Chesapeake
13 CHE Alex Brandt (Jess Hnatiuk), 1st
17 PHI Kelsey Haycook PK, 1st
31 CHE Alexis Prior-Brown (Jess Hnatiuk), 1st
45 CHE Alexis Prior-Brown (Caylin Dudley), 2nd
88 PHI Kelsey Haycook, 2nd

*** WEEK 4 ***

Week recap: SoccerWire

May 31 (Thurs): New York 3–0 Philadelphia
56 NY Kim Yokers, 1st
70 NY Kim Yokers, 2nd
80 NY Gina DiMartino (assist?), 1st

Fury outshot Fever 20–0

June 1 (Fri): FC Indiana 0–4 Boston
Att: 246
30 BOS Bianca D’Agostino (Leslie Osborne), 1st
34 BOS Katie Schoepfer (Julie King), 4th
41 BOS Katie Schoepfer (Courtney Jones), 5th
78 BOS Kyah Simon, 3rd

June 2 (Sat): New England 2–1 Philadelphia
Att: 473
11 PHI Myriam Bouchard, 2nd
22 NE Kate Howarth (Vicki DiMartino), 1st
82 NE Becca Mays (Kate Howarth), 2nd

June 3 (Sun): New York 0–0 Western NY
WNY GK for this game: Alli Lipsher

June 3 (Sun): Chicago 1–0 Boston
35 CHI Michele Weissenhofer, 1st

*** WEEK 5 ***

Week recap: SoccerWire

June 8 (Fri): Chicago 2–1 New York
26 CHI Alyssa Mautz (Lauren Fowlkes), 1st
68 CHI Michele Weissenhofer, 2nd
85 NY Claire Zimmeck, 1st

June 8 (Fri): FC Indiana 1–1 Chesapeake
30 FCI Soline Bellevue (assist?), 1st
75 CHE Erica Suter (assist?), 1st

June 9 (Sat): Western NY 3–1 New England
Att: 753
23 WNY Katy Frierson (assist?), 1st
31 WNY McCall Zerboni (Adriana), 1st
75 WNY Emily van Egmond (Stephanie Ochs), 1st
81 NE Kate Howarth (Becca Mays), 2nd

June 10 (Sun): Chicago 5–0 Chesapeake
36 CHI Lauren Fowlkes (Michele Weissenhofer), 3rd
40 CHI Lori Chalupny (Alyssa Mautz), 2nd
78 CHI Lauren Fowlkes (Amanda Cinalli), 4th
83 CHI Lauren Fowlkes (Amanda Cinalli), 5th
86 CHI Zoey Goralski (Ashlee Elliott), 1st

90 degrees
Goralski was 17 years old at the time
Chesapeake again without Nairn
Shots: CHI 11–4; SOG: CHI 8–3

June 10 (Sun): FC Indiana 0–1 New York
21 NY Merritt Mathias (Tina DiMartino), 5th

SOG: NY 14–5

June 10 (Sun): Philadelphia 0–1 Boston
45 BOS Kyah Simon (assist?), 4th

*** WEEK 6 ***

Week recap: SoccerWire

June 13 (Wed): Western NY 3–0 Chicago
30 WNY Katy Frierson (Omolyn Davis), 2nd
70 WNY Adriana (McCall Zerboni), 4th
74 WNY Omolyn Davis (Alex Sahlen), 1st

Shots: WNY 6–2

June 14 (Thurs): FC Indiana 2–3 New England
32 NE Kate Howarth (Sarah Brochu), 3rd
51 NE Becca Mays (Kelsey Hood), 3rd
55 FCI Manoucheka Pierre-Louis (Lovely Placide), 1st
83 FCI Jordan Clark PK, 1st
90+ NE Kate Howarth (Becca Mays), 4th

Eight yellow cards

June 16 (Sat): Chesapeake 0–2 Western NY
42 WNY Adriana (Omolyn Davis), 5th
90 WNY Adriana PK, 6th

June 16 (Sat): Chicago 4–0 New England
36 CHI Michele Weissenhofer (Amanda Cinalli), 3rd
69 CHI Amanda Cinalli (Julianne Sitch), 1st
73 CHI Lauren Fowlkes (Kara Karabellis), 6th
85 CHI Lori Chalupny (assist?), 3rd

June 17 (Sun): Chesapeake 0–2 New York
38 NY Jasmyne Spencer (Meghan Lenczyk), 2nd
55 NY Meghan Lenczyk (Merritt Mathias), 2nd

June 17 (Sun): Philadelphia 0–0 Western NY
Michele Dalton clean sheet for Philadelphia

*** WEEK 7 ***

Week recap: SoccerWire

June 20 (Wed): Boston 4–2 New England
Att: 2,147
12 NE Riley Houle, 2nd
41 BOS Kyah Simon (Katie Schoepfer), 5th
45 BOS Kyah Simon (Courtney Jones), 6th
49 BOS Katie Schoepfer PK, 6th
59 NE Kate Howarth (Kelsey Hood), 5th
66 BOS Kyah Simon (Courtney Jones), 7th

June 22 (Fri): Western NY 2–0 Philadelphia
27 WNY Adriana (Katy Frierson), 7th
49 WNY Meghan Klingenberg (Katy Frierson), 1st

Lori Lindsey, Meghan Klingenberg back from WNT — just 2nd game with team for each
Ochs, Pressley back from U23 WNT
Shots: WNY 13–0 — WNY defense of Huster, Reynolds, Marshall, Sahlen

June 22 (Fri): Chesapeake 1–3 Chicago
23 CHE Jessica Hnatiuk PK, 1st
46 CHI Michele Weissenhofer (Lori Chalupny), 4th
48 CHI Lori Chalupny (Michele Weissenhofer), 4th
(40-minute lightning delay)
77 CHI Michele Weissenhofer (Lauren Alkek), 5th

June 23 (Sat): Boston 2–0 New York
Att: 2,117
35 BOS Kyah Simon (Katie Schoepfer), 8th
90 BOS Kyah Simon, 9th

Kickoff delayed 45 minutes by lightning
Heather O’Reilly playing for Boston; Tobin Heath for New York
Simon winner after O’Reilly shot saved off the line by Jazmyne Avant
Press release counts 17 former WPS players in the starting XIs

June 24 (Sun): New England 3–3 Western NY
Att: 793
4 NE Kate Howarth (Becca Mays), 6th
8 WNY Adriana (Meghan Klingenberg), 8th
23 WNY Meghan Klingenberg (Adriana), 2nd
25 NE Morgan Andrews, 1st
45 NE Kate Howarth (Morgan Andrews), 7th
77 WNY Adriana PK, 9th

Andrews goal was dazzling solo run through experienced Flash midfield and defense.

June 24 (Sun): Philadelphia 1–4 Chicago
3 PHI Brittany Ratcliffe (assist?), 1st
38 CHI Julianne Sitch (assist?), 2nd
51 CHI Alyssa Mautz (Ashlee Elliott), 2nd
72 CHI Julianne Sitch (Lori Chalupny), 3rd
87 CHI Lori Chalupny (Lauren Alkek), 5th

*** WEEK 8 ***

Week recaps: All White Kit (Ray Curren), SoccerWire

June 28 (Thurs): New York 1–0 Chesapeake
38 NY Meghan Lenczyk (Leigh Ann Robinson), 3rd

Out injured: Kia McNeill, Sinead Farrelly.
Took a job, Lauletta says: Tina DiMartino

June 29 (Fri): Philadelphia 0–1 FC Indiana
15 FCI Manouchka Pierre-Louis (Jordan Clark), 2nd

June 30 (Sat): Boston 1–0 Chicago
Att: 2,092
89 BOS Kyah Simon (Courtney Jones), 10th

95 degrees
Schoepfer dummied ball to Simon on the goal

July 1 (Sun): Chesapeake 2–2 FC Indiana
17 FCI Nadia Valentine (Manouchka Pierre-Louis), 1st
20 FCI Sophia Batard (Manouchka Pierre-Louis), 1st
86 CHE Riley Barger (assist?), 1st
90+ CHE Christine Nairn, 1st

Nairn’s first game since season opener; scored free kick halfway through 12-minute stoppage time

*** WEEK 9 ***

Week recap: SoccerWire

July 3 (Tues): New York 4–0 New England
5 NY Allie Long, 1st
26 NY Meghan Lenczyk (Merritt Mathias), 4th
40 NY Jasmyne Spencer, 3rd
60 NY Meghan Lenczyk (assist?), 5th

July 5 (Thurs) FC Indiana 0–2 Philadelphia
PHI Laura DiClemente (assist?), 1st
?? PHI Laura DiClemente (assist?), 2nd

One goal on 20-yard free kick. All else we know is one goal was scored in each half.

July 6 (Fri): Boston 3–1 Chesapeake
16 BOS Kyah Simon (Heather O’Reilly), 11th
47 CHE Cheyenne Skidmore (Ashley Spivey), 1st
53 BOS Courtney Jones (Heather O’Reilly), 1st
71 BOS Melissa Henderson (Katherine Donnelly), 1st

O’Reilly’s home farewell. Alejandra Velasco’s first start in goal for Boston.

July 7 (Sat): Chicago 1–0 Philadelphia
66 CHI Lauren Fowlkes (Ella Masar), 7th

July 7 (Sat): New England 2–1 Boston
47 BOS Kyah Simon (Amanda DaCosta), 12th
90+ NE: Tiffany Weimer, 1st
90+ NE Taleen Dimirdjian (Becca Mays), 1st

July 8 (Sun): Western NY 4–0 Chesapeake
7 WNY McCall Zerboni (Tori Huster), 2nd
21 WNY Adriana, 10th
55 WNY Toni Pressley (McCall Zerboni), 1st
80 WNY McCall Zerboni PK, 3rd

*** WEEK 10 ***

Week recaps: All White Kit (Ray Curren), SoccerWire

July 11 (Wed): Chesapeake 3–3 New England
Att: 200
6 NE Kate Howarth (assist?), 8th
35 NE Kate Howarth (Kacey Richards), 9th
40 CHE Cheyenne Skidmore (Brittany Hadaway), 2nd
48 CHE Nicole Clark (Cheyenne Skidmore), 1st
67 NE Tiffany Weimer (Kacey Richards), 2nd
90+ CHE Ashley Spivey, 1st

Parker’s stats: Shots CHE 18–10, SOG CHE 12–6
Morgan Andrews among absentees

July 12 (Thurs): FC Indiana 0–5 Western NY
Att: “a few dozen,” says Ray Curren
4 WNY Adriana (Omolyn Davis), 11th
?? WNY Emily van Egmond (McCall Zerboni), 2nd
?? WNY Adriana, 12th
57 WNY Jodi-Ann Robinson (Laura Heyboer), 1st
67 WNY Katy Frierson, 3rd

2–0 within 10 minutes; 3–0 at half

July 14 (Sat): Chicago 1–2 Western NY
Att: c. 2000
42 WNY Adriana, 13th
75 WNY Katy Frierson (Adriana), 4th
78 CHI Lauren Alkek (Alyssa Mautz), 1st

July 14 (Sat): Boston 2–0 Philadelphia
Att: 2,541
13 BOS Katie Schoepfer PK, 7th
42 BOS Courtney Jones (Leslie Osborne), 2nd

“PUMA’s Project Pink Night” — fans wore pink

July 15 (Sun): Philadelphia 0–3 New York (forfeit)
Postponed to Monday due to weather; never played

*** WEEK 11 ***

July 19 (Thurs): New England 3–0 Chicago (forfeit)
Chicago couldn’t make it to NE; never played

July 19 (Thurs): New York 2–0 FC Indiana
c.30 NY Kim Yokers (Merritt Mathias), 3rd
90+ NY Allie Long (assist?), 2nd

July 21 (Sat): New England 1–0 FC Indiana
24 NE Kate Howarth (assist?), 10th

July 22 (Sun): Western NY 0–1 Boston
22 BOS Elli Reed, 1st

July 22 (Sun): New York 1–1 Chicago
6 NY Meghan Lenczyk (Gina DiMartino), 6th
11 CHI Ashleigh Ellenwood (assist?), 1st

Casey Nogueira makes first appearance after signing from FC Dallas

July 22 (Sun): Chesapeake 2–0 Philadelphia
CHE Marisa Kresge (assist?), 1st
?? CHE Cheyenne Skidmore (assist?), 3rd

WPSL Elite regular-season scoring stats

Assists are not complete because they weren’t reported for several goals over the course of the season. Each player listed here had at least as many assists as they’re credited with here.

WPSL Elite playoffs

SEMIFINAL — July 25 (Wed): Western NY 2–1 New York
8 NY Allie Long
78 WNY Katy Frierson (Jodi-Ann Robinson)
80 WNY Laura Heyboer (Katy Frierson)

SEMIFINAL — July 25 (Wed): Chicago 3–1 Boston
14 CHI Lauren Fowlkes (Lori Chalupny)
46 CHI Lori Chalupny (Ella Masar)
66 CHI Ella Masar (Julianne Sitch)
80 BOS Amanda DaCosta

Boston hoped to bring Cat Whitehill over from Olympic broadcasting duty (in studio, not in London), but she couldn’t make it. Courtney Jones went out early, having trouble breathing.

FINAL — July 28: Western NY 1–1 Chicago (WNY wins on PKs)
Att: 1,221
40 CHI Ashleigh Ellenwood (Amanda Cinalli)
90+ WNY Toni Pressley (Jodi-Ann Robinson)

20 WNY Omolyn Davis ankle
35 CHI Ella Masar hamstring and Lori Chalupny ankle
Second half: WNY Stephanie Ochs head injury, CHI Amanda Cinalli and Michele Weissenhofer fatigue

Ellenwood goal set up by Weissenhofer flip throw
Pressley goal was long-range blast

PK: WNY Adriana scores, CHI Fowlkes scores, WNY Reynolds scores, CHI Sitch saved, WNY Zerboni saved, CHI Forbes scores (yes, GK), WNY Van Egmond scored, CHI Wenino hit post, WNY Salem score

W-League, selected games and exhibitions

May 12 (Sat): D.C. United Women 0–1 Boston
Att: 1,022
56 BOS Kyah Simon (Jessica Luscinski)

May 31 (Thurs): Seattle Sounders Women 2–1 Colorado Rush
Att: 4,500
18 SEA Megan Manthey (Sydney Leroux)
48 SEA Veronica Perez
61 COL Lindsey Horan

All seven national teamers available for Seattle: Solo, Morgan, Leroux, Rapinoe, Winters, Cox and Perez (MEX)
Shots: SEA 25–6

June 8 (Fri): Seattle Sounders Women 0–0 Vancouver
Att: 4,500

Solo, Morgan, Leroux, Rapinoe all away, and still 4,500 fans.

June 15 (Fri): DC United Women 0–1 Paul Riley’s Women’s Professional Supergroup
63 PRWPS Meghan Lenczyk (Jasmyne Spencer)

June 20 (Wed): Seattle Sounders Women 0–2 Pali Blues
Att: 3,500
5 PAL Lynn Williams (Elizabeth Eddy)
6 PAL Nikki Washington (Sasha Andrews)

Shots: Pali 14–5. Saves: Seattle 4–3.

June 24 (Sun): Seattle Sounders Women 4–0 Santa Clarita Blue Heat
Att: 4,500
24 SEA Veronica Perez (Annie Sittauer)
57 SEA Sydney Leroux (Alex Morgan)
63 SEA Sydney Leroux (Megan Rapinoe)
68 SEA Alex Morgan (Megan Rapinoe)

Shots: Seattle 22–5

July 6 (Fri): Pali Blues 5–0 Colorado Rapids
28 PAL Sarah Huffman (Mariah Nogueira)
49 PAL Lynn Williams
52 PAL Whitney Engen (Sarah Huffman)
70 PAL Lynn Williams (Sarah Huffman)
90 PAL Lynn Williams

July 7 (Sat): D.C. United Women 4–1 Dayton
Att: 703 (best of season for league game)
34 DC Lianne Sanderson (Ashley Herndon)
45+ DAY Emilie Fillion OR Jen Agueci
53 DC Becky Sauerbrunn (Hayley Siegel)
56 DC Andi Sullivan
58 DC Ashley Herndon

Sauerbrunn’s fourth and final game of the season. Kevin Parker: Sauerbrunn’s first goal in competition since April 11, 2009, which was the first goal for WPS Freedom. That was a header off a Bompastor free kick. This was from the run of play.

16-year-old Sullivan’s debut

Amateur/Open Cup

Regionals: Chicago wins three and ties one in three days, scoring seven and conceding none.

Shayla Mutz — 3 goals, 1 assist
Allison Doyle — 2 goals, 1 assist
GKs: Kelsey Devonshire, Kristen Eggert

SEMIFINAL — July 20 (Fri): NYAC 4–0 Salt Lake United
no details

SEMIFINAL — July 20 (Fri): Chicago 5–3 Turbo D’Feeters
8 TD ??

32 TD ??
45+ CHI Amanda Cinalli
48 CHI Kelsey Hough (Amanda Cinalli)
56 CHI Niki Sebo (Vanessa Laxgang)
62 CHI Vanessa Laxgang
?? TD ??
75 CHI Amanda Cinalli (Vanessa Laxgang)

FINAL — July 22 (Sun): Chicago 3–2 NYAC
5 NYAC ??
38 CHI Amanda Cinalli
56 CHI Ashlee Elliott (Kara Karabellis)
64 NYAC ??
66 CHI Georgia Waddle (Amanda Cinalli)

Shots: CHI 12–8

WPSL playoffs

SEMIFINAL — July 28 (Sat): Gulf Coast Texans 3–0 Salt Lake United
Tina Murray one goal, one assist

SEMIFINAL — July 28 (Sat): Aztec MA 1–0 Oklahoma FC
117 AZ Greta Samuelsdottir

FINAL — July 29 (Sun): Gulf Coast Texans 4–0 Aztec MA
21 GC Mia Persson
61 GC Ida Gregersen
66 GC Shakira Duncan
69 GC Mia Persson

GC GK: Patricia Nardy

W-League playoffs

SEMIFINAL — July 27 (Fri): Pali Blues 2–0 Quebec City Amiral
Att: 185
31 PAL Liz Bogus (Servet Uzunlar)
77 PAL Liz Bogus

SEMIFINAL — July 27 (Fri): Ottawa Fury 1–0 D.C. United Women
Att: 585
44 OTT Lydia Hastings (Leni Kaurin)

THIRD-PLACE — July 29 (Sun): D.C. United Women 1–1 Quebec City Amiral (D.C. wins 7–6 on PKs)
Att: 140
17 QUE Josee Belanger
53 DC Jen Skogerboe (Hayley Siegel)

DiDi Haracic replaced Danielle DeLisle in goal in last minute of play so she could be in PKs. PKs went eight rounds. Marisa Abegg had the winner.

FINAL — July 29 (Sun): Ottawa Fury 1–1 Pali Blues (Ottawa wins 4–3 on PKs)
Att: 785
2 PAL Nikki Washington (Sarah Huffman)
90+ OTT Ashley Seal (Lisa-Marie Woods)

GK Jasmine Phillips made two saves in PKs. Kelly Conheeney hit the winner.

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