Little Simz Is At The Top Of Her Class With Stillness In Wonderland

Little Simz is looking like a seasoned vet on her second studio album Stillness In Wonderland which she released on December 16, 2016. It comes one year after her debut album A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons was dropped to critical acclaim, even garnering the attention of Kendrick Lamar. Lamar sat down with British DJ MistaJam and said that she “might be the illest doin it right now.” With props from hip-hop’s holy apostle it seems the sky may be the limit.

Little Simz has a sound of her own that could be described as Lauryn Hill and Willow Smith combined into one. Her soulfully conscious tone flows wells over the different array of beats she chooses.

The London native describes her music as rap and experimental. The latter is apparent on songs like “One In Rotation + Wide Awake” which is a two song composition that makes use of horned instruments and layered vocals to provide a trance like state. Her song “Pitch Perfect” is a natural American single if there ever was one.

In a time when feminism is trending, there are still not that many female artists really doing their thing (shoutout to Dej Loaf and Young M.A. though because they both have bars), but artists like Little Simz provide hope that more like her will find their way to a microphone.

Songs like “One In Rotation” and “Stillness In Wonderland” make her presence known and solidify her as one of the artists to be reckoned with this coming year. If you are looking for something to put on and just vibe to, this is it.