What Jim Jones and Jay Z burying the hatchet means for rappers everywhere

“F*ck a caption.”

Jim Jones stood triumphantly, wedged between mogul and underling: visibly excited for the future the three held in their hands.

The picture that Jim Jones uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday, June 06 provided proof of what people speculated about since mid February. Reports surfaced of Jones signing a management deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

What makes this so interesting is that Jay Z and Jim Jones have had bad blood between them for almost 13 years.

Tensions are believed to have flared back in early 2000 between Jay Z and Camron, Jim Jones’ former associate and label mate. After Camron decided not to release a remix of his single “Oh Boy” featuring a verse from Jay Z, tempers began to flare in both camps for unspecified reasons.

Jim Jones would officially hop into the brewing beef in 2004. In 2007, after the release of “We Fly High”, Jay Z released a remix called “Brooklyn High” throwing a couple of shots at both Camron and Jay Z. Jim Jones responded with direct threats promising bodily harm.

The inking of the new deal and now a photo shows that these artists were able to over come their differences.

Jim Jones realized the ludicrous amount of money being left on the table by remaining entangled in something over a decade old. Jay Z is one of the biggest names in the music industry today. Why uphold a disagreement that no fans remember or care about?

Many artists become entangled in feuds that have no bearing. Rappers are constantly asked about their opinions on other rappers. When the answer isn’t favorable, comments from both sides begin to circulate in the press. Then before you know it, both sides are threatening to harm each other.

XXXTentacion suffered the effects of a baseless rap feud when he was attacked while performing on June 7. While not explicitly confirmed, it’s widely believed that rapper Rob $tone, who promised bodily harm to XXXTentacion if he ever came to his city, was involved with the attack. Rob $tone was also responsible for an attack on XXXTentacion’s associate Ski Mask the Slump God.

While the reasons for their feud may be different, fans will forget about reasoning as fast as they forget about old music. Also, this feud has reached dangerous levels. Before someone gets seriously hurt and either criminally charged or killed, the people involved need to come to a mutual agreement.

Jim Jones and Jay Z’s example should be front page news in the hip-hop world. Rappers should come together so they can see financial gain instead of physical or emotional turmoil. Money is being left on the table and people are getting hurt. It’s best to change course so that a future that’s beneficial to all parties is created.

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