Updates, Updates & More Updates

Hello all. There are a lot of updates for both the mobile & desktop versions of Rapid (the new way to message). Here they are:

  • Mobile Version 1.0_5 displayed a black screen and nothing else, making it useless. Version 1.0_10, however, successfully displays all of your favorite Rapid features, like words. I don’t see a need in showing a picture of this, because you should already know what Rapid looks like (unless, of course, you don’t have Rapid, in which case you are failing at life)
  • Notifications now work on mobile (they’ve always been on Desktop if I’m not mistaken)
  • There is now better support for rows being shown, as shown below
  • All rows now come with a cute little menu, which brings up fun options like “Send Image” & not so fun options like “Close Rapid”
  • Transcripts are now shown in bubbles.
  • The Snapchat icon has been replaced with a custom website icon, because Snapchat is Snapchat
  • A status card has been added that shows the non-static status of Rapid
  • It is now easier to get badges assigned to your account. Here is an example of Harry’s prized marketing badge over his card background (which is now supported on mobile):

(Also, you probably can’t get a verified badge unless you’re a member of the elite)

  • Improved animations for when things are loading. The only way to show this would be through a .gif and I’m too lazy to make one of those, so just go to the damned website if you wanna see

There are other, smaller issues that have been fixed that aren’t really worth mentioning because of how small they are; these are the only fixes worth mentioning for the time being. Of course, there will be more updates in the future, so make sure to follow us.

Also, for the next week or so you can join Rapid without an invite code, so signing up now is ideal.