March 2018 feature updates

Mar 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Responsivity, auto-layout, and signup, for starters

We’ve made some changes to the platform that will help you go responsive faster, upload smoother, and tell us what you think about how we’re doing — and how we can do more to help you build better responsive websites with A+ interactions and animations.

Fluid dragging: Press Ctrl to drag an element and watch all of your other elements move along with it. This means you can edit and make room for elements without having to play with the rest of your design.

Improved parsing engine: Messy design files? Happens to the best of us. We’ve improved our smart layer analysis tools for quicker, smoother uploads and websites that look more like your designs. This means you can spend more time designing and less time organizing. (Want to straighten up your design files? Check out our guides for PSD and Sketch files)

Improved auto layouts: We’ve upgraded our smart design analysis algorithm, improving how your objects are automatically positioned and aligned for responsive design — determining how they behave in different screen sizes, so it’s easier and faster to go responsive.

Additional updates

  • Users can now leave feedback on the automated parsing process, letting us in on the scoop on the design-to-website upload process
  • We added a progress bar to the parsing process, so you know whether or not to get up and grab that snack while you’re uploading (But there probably isn’t, so don’t come in hungry)
  • The new slider interaction was rewritten from scratch, and is stable and fully responsive :) :D ;)
  • Improvements to the drag and drop, for super simple dragging and, you know, dropping
  • Peace out, undo/redo and UI bugs. Those are taken care of.

Haven’t signed up yet? We’ve redone our signup experience. Check it out — the time is now.

Want to see it for yourself? Head into the Studio and get rolling.

RapidUI Blog

Letting designers build websites that look, feel, and function exactly how you want them to look, feel, and function.

Thanks to Dor Beglaubter


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Managing Editor @ InVision. Not a designer yet, but who knows what my next life will bring.

RapidUI Blog

Letting designers build websites that look, feel, and function exactly how you want them to look, feel, and function.

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