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BlackLivesMatter at RAPP — WATCH

Our recommendations include:

Black and British: A Forgotten history


When They See Us

Jane Elliot’s simple question to white people (very short video in a Tweet)

You Love My Culture So Love My Life: Black Lives Matter 2020

Layla F. Saad on why whiteness must be named

Uncomfortable Table Conversations

I Am Not Your Negro

Also, for those of us that have been inundated, and would like to spend Friday engaging with black content that has nothing to do with subjugation, death or trauma, here are some more joyful recommendations:

· Chewing Gum

· KIPO and the wonderbeasts

· Queen Sugar

· Insecure

· Pose

· Black-ish

· Ackee & Saltfish (BBC series)

Omnicom’s SVP & Chief Diversity Officer, Tiffany R. Warren, has curated two online sessions that discuss this historic moment in 1865 as well as current events. The sessions provide candid conversations with several members of the OPENLeadership Team, as well as Black executives from across the Omnicom network, diving into their personal reflections, experiences and advice.

A Conversation with the OPEN Leadership Team

A Conversation with Black Chief Executive Officers




We stand up for individuals

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NEW EPISODE on 10th September!

Dear White Parents: How do white parents respond to Black Lives Matters?

Uncolonizing Decolonization

Systemic/structural/institutional racism

Black people Can be Immigrants Too

Black people are not your neighborhood superheroes

What It Looked Like to Police Ourselves: An Ode to De-Escalation on a Chicago Block

Southerners and Self-Loathing

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