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Introducing: Flip the Script

We’re launching our own initiative to break the bias — not just for Women’s History Month — but across the whole year.

Flip the Script is a small weekly invitation everyone and anyone can pick up. A tiny tweak to some common language or behaviour that can make a big difference to our culture — especially if we all do it together.

Flip the script is NOT about calling out or cancelling — this is not a space for blame or shame. Instead, it’s a calling IN, an opportunity we can all seize on to create change and space for all of us.

Try it! Accept that you won’t be perfect and mistakes will be made. What matters is what you do in the moments where you catch yourself making a mistake — correct it and then do it better next time.

Want help? Let your colleagues, friends and/or family know about the Flip the Script challenge you’re working on, so they can help and be a support where and as you’d like.

We’ll be sharing our Women’s History Month Flip the Script invitations below every week, so check back for the latest…


Try opening your next email, presentation or general meeting interruption with a gender-neutral greeting 👋

Swap ladies and gentlemen, chaps, girls and boys for something a little more future-fit like — everyone, folks, y’all, team, colleagues, friends, pals, peeps, you talented bunch, you beacons of joy, experts…you get the gist.

Why should we flip the script on how we open emails and chats?

1. Because not everyone’s identity necessarily aligns with how they appear

2. Not everyone is out at work — but they might feel safer coming out if they know this is a welcoming place for people outside the gender binary.

3. Some of us know what it’s like to be in a meeting and being addressed as ‘chaps’…when we most definitely aren’t a chap. So it can even help you be more polite!


Resist complimenting a colleague this week with “You’re smashing it,” “You killed that brief,” “I love your lipstick” and “Nice haircut” with something that calls on and champions a new way of seeing and celebrating one another.

Why not try…

  • I love how you authentically show up.
  • The way you treat people is beautiful.
  • I constantly learn from you.
  • You are a great listener and make me feel heard.
  • You make me feel like I belong.

🔥Hot tips🔥 on how to help yourself flip the script!

  • Write an email — wait 5 seconds — re-read it, flip the script and then hit send.
  • If you forget to flip the script in a meeting, it’s never too late to correct yourself — just go for it!
  • Tell your colleagues, friends and families about the flip the script challenge and how they can best help you along the way.
  • Finally, if you have a pal, managee, manager or team lead who missed their shot — use your best judgment for a friendly and encouraging reminder about flipping the script next time around 👍

Remember, no one is born walking. Change can be intimidating but it can also be quite liberating too!



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