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A Week in My WFH Life: Cindy Ho


7:10 — wake up

Down a glass of water to hydrate from sleeping

Plus helps me wake up.

Auto pilot to put gym clothes on first thing as it gets me ready to do my morning workout. Started to turn this into my habit from Jan this year, and because of it, I feel like I’m the fittest I’ve been in a long whilst.

7:20 — work out

Start off with a warm up, a 20mins hiit session and a cool down.

I’m on Joe Wicks 7 days of sweat and I’m on day 2.

I normally repeat these once a cycle is done or do other form of YouTube exercise on the tv.

I feel like if I don’t get a workout in the morning, I’m definitely more groggy the rest of the day, so it definitely helps boost my mood and wakes me up.

It all sounds extremely wanky.

Jordan works from 8am-4pm — so I try to get a workout in before he starts.

8:00 — shower

8:25 — breakfast

I make sure I prep some fruit the night before so I don’t have to prep anything in the morning.

I have the same breakfast everyday

Porridge oats, light soy milk, linseed, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and a dash of spiralina. Also a small bit of peanut butter for fats and protein and chopped-up apple for sweetness.

I don’t get bored with having the same breakfast as I tend to mix up the flavours by adding different spices to it such as dark cocoa powder, mixed spice or cinnamon. Today is a cinnamon and apple day which tastes like apple pie. (Don’t @ me. Just try it yourself)

By having the same breakfast everyday, it gives me more time to think of other things that’s important. — Like how to solve world hunger or how to take over the world. In reality, it just gives me more time to sit and enjoy the morning.

Plus I know it’ll keep me from snacking until lunch.

Since working from home, I feel like my routine is more regimented due to the lockdown.

I don’t mind it really, as I like that it’s given structure to my days.

9:00 — log on

Because of the layout of the flat, we have a desk and a dining table in the open planned living room.

We make our Alexa play ambient background music without lyrics so we’re not sat in silence, plus it helps us concentrate. It feels a bit like a WeWork!

I call Jack, my work partner and Copywriter first thing to see how our weekends went as well as catch up on what we have to do for the week.

9:30 Since we were working on one of our Virgin Media projects, today is just a continuation of the feedback we got last Thursday.

[Insert Rihanna gif here] — WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK.

Jacks off to do copy, whilst I work through our amends directly on the deck.

We normally communicate using slack or even WhatsApp, but ever since lockdown has happened, Slack has became invaluable.

12:30 — have lunch.

We stare at the fridge aimlessly as to what to have for lunch.

I’m kidding!

Sunday’s are our busy food prep days, so when we’re working during the week, we can pop our food into a plate and heat it up in the microwave. This saves us so much time during the week plus ensures we’re getting a good amount of fresh veggies and proteins in our diet.

A sandwich just doesn’t cut it for us.

Also this helps even more now we’re in lockdown so we can plan our meals accordingly to whatever is in the fridge/ pantry that week.

We’ve been doing the food shopping once every 2 weeks, so we don’t have to go out every week to minimise exposure.

Today was Korean BBQ home-made bean burger with stir-fried veggie udon noodles.

And some leftover Easter egg for afters.

PM Work — Call Jack after lunch, I have to mute myself whenever I stop talking when Jordan’s on the call — otherwise people can hear my other half in the background! Oh the joys of WeWork / Living room office.

At 2pm, Jordan finishes his documents so doesn’t need two screens anymore. So we swap. 4:30 — Slack call with Jack and Sid to discuss our work — next thing I know, it’s 17:10.

Send Jack a message on slack after the call — the first one failed, so I messaged him on WhatsApp — but he’s not been on WhatsApp a while. So text him instead. He receives all three…. Oops! Do the quick amends from the call and close the laptop for the day.

6:00pm — Yoga with Jordan

During lockdown, Jordan decided he wants to do some yoga to compliment his own afterwork workouts.

We’re currently on day 16 on 30 days of Yoga with Adriene.

This is great with helping to be more mindful and calm after a stressful day at work and great for stretching out the body from sitting at a desk all day.

Again this sounds extremely wanky.

6:30pm — Time for dinner Not only do we prep our lunches, we also batch cook our dinners to save us cooking after work.

I’m finding that I eat earlier than I normally do before lockdown, but I am eating better at regular times as well as getting more sleep!

Plus Jordan normally has his dinner early, so at least it’s all done for us when we’re hungry, if the other person is still busy with work.

On the menu today: Vegetable Katsu curry and rice. Chocolate brownie cake and custard.

Yes even our desserts are made over the weekend too!

We find prepping saves us so much time in the long run to do other things in the evening… such as some recreational drawing or even binge watch old episodes of the Simpsons… Hellooooo Disney Plus.


[insert morning routine]

9:15 — Quick catch up with Jack — on his world domination plans. But also write ups.

9:30 — Webex video call with the Rexona team — Jordan’s on a work call to at the same time too. So this is interesting…. Muting in between talking — whilst taking notes.

My Webex worked the entire way through. I wasn’t kicked off it thankfully! It’s a Christmas Miracle. 🙏

10:30 — Call has ended.

Catch up with the designers on what’s happening going forward for Rexona on slack, but now back on to VM work.

12:30 — call with the designers on Rexona. Using Slack to screen share. You get a snippet of someone else’s life when you ask them how they’re doing during lockdown because everyone else’s life is different to your own. Makes you realise that everyone is in their own bubble at the moment.

13:15 Call over… it’s time for lunch. Oh wait now. Jumping on another call.
13:30 — It was a quick one. Send a quick email and now finally time for food!

Stir-fry noodles with homemade vegan gyozas.

During the weekends I tend to make a lot of food that I can store in the freezer that we can just take out and make. Now we’re in lockdown, it’s harder to get to certain shops and I was REALLY craving Chinese dumplings! With about 100 in the freezer, we pop some up and cook them fresh.

Jordan cooked up the gyzoas whilst I was on my earlier call so they’re ready to eat.

13:45 I wanted to go on a lunch time walk as It’s super sunny out today. So will take a quick walk after food. Time to slather on some suncream, wear a facemask and take a lunchtime walk to stretch the legs — seeing as I didn’t leave the house at all yesterday!

Even if the mask doesn’t stop the corona virus, it’s great for going outside when you have hay fever 😂

14:30 Back at the desk.

Working up some Virgin Media amends for the 4pm WIP and also the timesheets!

4pm — Internal WIP with the wider VM team.

Nice to see the rest of the team. Not seen Darren since lockdown and it’s nice to see another familiar face. We chat through the work… Anddddddd….. it’s already 5pm.

I swear time goes quicker through the Webex blackhole.

5pm — Time to make the amends before Jack heads off on his much deserved few days off!

6:00pm — Yoga with Jordan to destress from the day.

Day 17 out of 30

6:30pm — Quick check on slack and the emails, do a few amends from a copy doc that was sent through.an email that was sent in the meantime and then log off.

6:45pm — Dinner: Homemade vegetarian Jambalaya which was made last week and frozen.

And peanut butter cup Ben and Jerry’s banana split for dessert. (Technically it’s still one of my 5 a day)


[insert morning routine]

9:00 — login

Make a few VM amends from Sid’s feedback.

10:15 Sid Calls, but Jordans talking to his colleague over zoom so I have to shift to the bedroom where it’s quiet.

A moments of “Hello….Hello? Can you hear me?” And we’re back on track.

10:35 — Working back on Rexona. Writing up feedback to one too the designers on some work as we

Emails emails emails… ✉︎ ✉︎ ✉︎

11am — after sitting on the floor of the bedroom and getting a very numb behind, it’s time to vacate back to the living room.

A few more emails and scheduling. Time for some admin.

12:30 — Lunch — Homemade Gnocchi and vegetables

Go on a nice long walk to get some fresh air.

I find a canal 8 mins away from where Jordan lives. He’s been here for 18 months… I REALLYYYY need to get out more 😂 😅

The walk was a bit annoying as there were quite a few people around.

So I’ve been avoiding people like it’s a really life game of Pac-Man

4pm — client meeting went really well… even if the internet connection was a bit funny. But it managed to stay on without any hiccups!

5pm — quick amends and then sending it off to the wider team and done for the day.

6pm — day 17 out of 30 days of yoga with Adriene.

Dinner, dessert of homemade chocolate brownie cake and custard.

And later at 8pm, our weekly catch up with some old uni friends and how they’re coping with life. — Some have kids so it’s VERY different.


[insert morning routine]

9:00 — went on the business call and nothing was working so dialled in. I could hear people scuffing about and then they hung up on me.

9:12 — …but finally got on after some technical difficulties

9:30 -Soooooo….that was big news on the company. 2 omnicom agencies will become 1 omnicom agency in the omnicomniverse. #SorryNotSorry

10:15 -

Had a bit of a breather morning so roasted some chickpeas with fajita powder for a snack later — whilst doing some admin.

11:30 — Ate all said chickpea snacks…. In my defence, I did give half to Jordan and they are technically healthy. Damn they were moreish/

12:15 lunch — Vegan sausages and a jacket potato with balsamic glazed vegetables

We’re not vegan by the way. — We’re just more more plant-based when we’re eating at home.

Jordan’s not even vegetarian — he’ll have meat when we’re out at restaurants…but lockdown rules apply…

13:30 — Log back on.

Rexona and timesheet black hole…

4:00 — Call on Rexona with the UX

Halfway through… the sound went funny so couldn’t hear some of what was said. So basically brought up a point that was already just mentioned…. Love the internet at times… Cindy 0 — Internet 1.

4:45 Another Creative Dept Call. The invite looked serious so Joined, but the internet threw me off that other call whilst still on the Rexona call. Rejoined the Creative call and forgot to mute myself

Said thanks and goodbye on the Rexona call and I said it at a weird time during the Creative Dept call — Cindy 0 — Internet 2.

5:30pm — time to log off on a lovely long weekend of staying inside and NOT risking lives.

Dinner tonight: Homemade Sweet potato and cauliflower coconut curry — which was defrosted last night. And we made fresh Turmeric rice with it.

Bought myself a 3in 1 hand blender, whisk and chopper which will arrive tomorrow, so going to spend my weekend making EVERYTHING.

Soaked some dried chickpeas in a jar ready for tomorrow and I’m signing off for the weekend!

Got a “Warehouse Rock Bingo” later with my uni mates and Gin planned for the evening 👏

Can you tell my life revolves around food?


Bank Holiday Friday



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