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Raise the floor with us!

Last December we started the Raise the Floor — an initiative designed to make the reforestation of critical ecosystems quick, easy and super affordable for agencies and brands to join.

When we were thinking about Earth Day, we sparked an idea 🧠☝️❗️ — Raise the Floor shouldn’t just be for agencies and brands to partake in, it should also be an initiative we can join as individuals.

So why not calculate and donate the square footage of your living room? Your local library or food bank? The kids’ school? The Houses of Parliament or the Natural History Museum? That paddling pool you have on reserve for extra hot days? Heck, donate the square footage or British Gas’s headquarters (cheeky!). You get the picture! Pick a place or a space, measure it and then donate to your heart’s content.

It’s pretty affordable! Every tree (about a square metre) costs under 20p each. Once you donate your trees, you’ll be able to see them as a part of our RAPP Family forest.

Spooked by the prospect of doing some math? Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! We have a step-by-step guide to follow with a calculator to make it fairly simple (though you can always as for help ☺️), which can be found here.



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