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Welcome to the World of Predictive Email ❤️

What problem is rare.io solving and for who?

Due to inbox overload and irrelevant content, customers aren’t reacting positively to email marketing. They mostly ignore or unsubscribe, hence the reason why the industry click-through rate average is around 3%. For online stores, a successful email marketing strategy can make or break the business. Therefore, mass emailing customers isn’t the optimal solution for online stores.

Rare.io gives online stores the ability to send individual emails to thousands of customers with a click of a button. We do that by sending personal product recommendations to individual customers at the most appropriate time. The relevance in the email dramatically increases customers engagement which leads to a better click-through rate percentage (10–15%) and more revenues.

Can you explain what predictive emailing does for online stores?

Predictive emails enable online stores to send personalized product recommendations to individual users at the right time. It does this by looking for trends in data and customer purchase habits from the online store. From that, the predictive engine can recommend the next products each customer will be most likely to buy, when they will buy them and when they’re likely to stop buying. By using the store’s customer transaction data, we can detect trends and data patterns that we use to enable the store owner to email the customer with more relevant information.

A dashboard with key metrics.

As you can see in the screenshot, the store does not have to fill the product section as the predictive engine takes care of it. From a commerce standpoint, predictive email gives every online store the same email marketing power as Amazon.

Based on what you’ve seen so far, what are the most successful practices online stores can implement to improve their CTR and conversions rate? What are some good examples (live views are preferable).

Design, design and more design…
A very cute christmas campaign by Kith

This will sound cliché but design matters a lot. Our most successful customers send simple and short emails with a concise message. Before clicking the ‘send’ button, the email should pass the scrolling test- basically how many times the reader has to scroll to finish the email on a mobile device. More than 3 times is too much as customers are usually trying to get through their emails as fast as possible. This christmas campaign by Kith passes the scrolling test with ease.

Evented emails
Email Automation at its best

Mixed with a predictive engine, evented emails become an online rendezvous between a store and its customers. A thank you email after the first purchase or a monthly updates on the latest product releases usually have a good open rate. Many online stores are already using emails in their email marketing strategy.

Churned customers are still customers
To the right, to the right…

Emailing churned customers is the best way to bring them back to life. We see many of our customers fine tuning their email campaigns and connect with churned customers. Email marketers leverage segmentation tools appropriately for better results. As you can see in the image above, even low value customers do become VIPs. If they bought from you once, chances are they will do it again.

What are the worst? What do most people try to do to their emails that are problematic?

Stop Spaming Me 🤐

There is a fine line between an email and spam. In email marketing, frequency matters. By knowing your product life cycle, you should have an idea on when to email customers. Daily emails works for a handful of stores, the latter usually have a daily deal that keeps customers engaged. For the most part, customers don’t like daily emails and they will let you know by unsubscribing from the email.

Non responsive emails are a killer. Knowing that many customers read the email on mobile devices, but then reopen the email on desktops to make a purchase, online stores should maintain the level of display quality in both. We see online stores that focus so much on the mobile experience that they negate the desktop. Both matter. Truly responsive design is not simply a case of taking large desktop images and copy and shrinking them for mobile. The pictures might look okay but often the text is unreadable on a mobile device without zooming in.

Last but not least is about the number of product suggestions. 3 suggestions are usually very good. 6 are already too much. If you are sending more than 6 product suggestions, I would recommend to play with the segmenting tools to build better sub-groups of customers. The reason why you want to limit the amount of product suggestions is because the engine decision tree goes from most relevant to less relevant. As a store, you only want to showcase relevant product for individual customers.

One final thing to mention. When a customer unsubscribe from your mailing list, please don’t send an unsubscribing confirmation email 😃.

According to you, what are the key metrics marketers should track to assess their email campaign success?

Everything you need to know in one simple dashboard

We call them the Power 7 of email marketing, there are the number of emails: sent, opened, clicked, converted, bounced, unsubscribed and complained. The Power 7 of email marketing tells you everything you need to know about your campaign in one simple dashboard. We highly recommend you pay attention to the complains and unsubscribed as they give you insight about things you shouldn’t repeat.

Your open rate matters because it helps you work on your subject line (assuming the predictive engine takes care of the time). You can improve your opening rate by coming up with better subject line. In fact, we have a proven formula that increases emails open rate by 30% in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Create your first email and send it to your contact list.

Step 2: Do nothing for 7 days

Step 3: Create a second email exactly the same as the first but change the subject line. Nothing else, just the subject line. Send the second email to the contacts that did not open the first email & enjoy the results 😃.

The clicked and converted metric gives you insight about your design (from the template to the call-to-action). Mass emails won’t teach you much, we recommend to leverage segmentation tools available to test different templates and call-to-actions depending on your customers to gather better insight on design optimization. Talking about design, please don’t forget the scrolling test…it works.

In your perspective, who send the best email in the commerce space and why?

I am most likely biased because I am a customer but Kaufmann Mercantile sends amazing email. Their design aesthetic is stunning and it looks great on both desktop and mobile. Plus, the content is relevant to me so I give them 5 stars. The best email in the commerce space is an email relevant to the recipient. Like Dj Khaled would say: Relevance is key to unlock email marketing success 🙏🏾.

Effortlessly beautiful 😍

How does Rare.io use email to grow your own audience?

We use emails to push our product updates and educational content to our customers. Interestingly enough, educational content increases customers satisfaction as they get to master every feature of the software and it’s quite relevant to online store owners in general. You can receive our weekly articles in your inbox by joining the Rare University.

Better Emails, Happy Customers!

Written by Ned Nadima. Ned is an avid online shopper and a member of the growth team at rare.io. We also tweet about Ecommerce marketing at @rareio

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